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Tips and Tricks for Class 8 IEO

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In every student’s life, Class 8 is a crucial stage. From this point begins the countdown of the imminent board exams. And in this stage also every subject starts to change and become complex. But through the struggle of class 8, many things get decided, and many new ways open up before the students. It is at this point that most students decide which stream they are going to opt for after class 10, and which degree there are going to pursue after class 12. And for all these to take place successfully, one must stand out in the cutthroat competition of the present time. One must chase excellence in the dream and in reality, too. 

IEO is an international school-level exam that tests the students’ understanding of English as a language and their grasp of grammar. The way competition in every field is increasing every day, sends all the students a message that how difficult it can get to achieve anything. Hence, every student must keep themselves up to date and keep their progress running to participate in the race and come out as the winner. And it all starts here, in class 8. Every year thousands of students participate in the IEO class 8 exam to enhance their progress and to consolidate their academic records. Those who haven’t participated in this exam are advised to do the same. IEO Class 8 is different from annual school exams, and at the same time more challenging than them. One must put in a lot of effort and follow the right strategy to crack this exam. This article will discuss and divulge a few effective ways as to how one can conquer IEO class 8.

What to do:

Check the Syllabus:

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Knowing the syllabus of an exam is like knowing the racecourse before running a race. IEO Class 8 syllabus does not follow the regular syllabus of English prescribed by different school boards. This exam mostly focuses on the grammar part. It also has other sections that evaluate the students’ practical sense and proficiency of the language. Here is the syllabus for IEO Class 8:

1st Section: Analogies and Spellings, Synonyms and Antonyms, Collocations, Idioms or Proverbs, Phrasal Verbs, Homonyms and Homophones, One word, Nouns, Pronouns, Adjectives, Verbs, Adverbs, Articles, Prepositions, Participle Phrases, Prepositional Phrases, Determiners, Conjunctions, Jumbled Words and Punctuations, Voices and Narrations, Tenses, Question Tags, etc. Words associated with Household items/issues, leisure, Outdoor locations and Activities, Social causes, etc.

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2nd Section: Look for and retrieve various test types like Blurb, News Reports, Dictionaries, etc.; Understand the presented information in instruction manual format, Message format, and other formats. Gain a broad understanding of and search for specific information in long texts like Essays and Editorials, etc.

3rd Section: Being capable of understanding situation-based variations in functions like giving information, expressing surprise, requesting something, pronunciation, etc.

1. 4th Section:

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It deals with higher-order thinking questions that belong to the above-mentioned sections.

2. Check the Question Pattern:

One cannot start the preparation unless she/he knows what kinds of questions are to be expected in the exam. IEO Class 8 exam has a total of 50 questions bearing 60 marks. Out of that 50, 5 will carry 3 marks each and the rest 45 will carry 1 mark each. The total time that will be given is 60 minutes. 

3. Gathering the Right Books:

The exam is an important one, but that does not mean the students are supposed to take any book that touches their hand. Not all the books provide authentic information, and neither all of them fulfil the requirements of the exam. Thus, one is suggested to follow the IEO Class 8 Workbook and NCERT closely. Both of these books are composed by subject experts and renowned scholars in a pretty comprehensive manner. The students will be able to clear all their doubts with the help of these books.

4. Collecting the Sample Papers and Previous Years’ Papers:

It is recommended that the students gather as many sample papers and previous years’ papers as they can. Starting from as early as Class 8 IEO Question Paper 2013 will be outstanding.

How to do:

Following the Timetable:

Before jumping into the act of preparation, the students should make a timetable to be consistent with their studies. And more importantly, they need to follow it in a very strict manner. They should push themselves to stick to the schedule, and only take a breath of relief when the day’s work is completely covered. Consistency plays a key role in an exam like IEO class 8; one need not study too much in a day, but one must study every day. 

Getting Used to Note-taking:

Note-taking is crucial if seen from the examination point of view. The syllabus is wide and has a lot of topics to be covered. That means a lot of things to remember, especially the methods, the rules, and the distinctions. Most importantly, the students should understand and remember the fundamentals. And all these cannot be accomplished if one does not take notes while studying.

Focusing on the Revision:

Like any other important exam, scoring a good result in IEO Class 8 also entails multiple revisions. Through the act of revising the students are suggested to solve the practice sets given in the prescribed book again and again. They should use the notes while revising a topic to make it more interesting and memorable. They should go through the solved previous year’s papers and sample questions to analyze their answers and to detect their strong and weak points. Working on the weak points is highly recommended; in IEO all the topics are important, hence leaving anything unprepared is really not an option. 

To conclude, hard work is important but not at the risk of losing good health. Both of these must go hand in hand. Thus, the students are advised not to be ignorant of their health and proper sleep. Only with the amelioration of these two can one achieve success in this level.

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