10 Expert Tips to Becoming a Fashion Hair Stylist

Fashion Hair Stylist
Fashion Hair Stylist

Have you always fancied yourself as a fashion hair stylist? Do you wonder if you’ve got what it takes to make a successful career cutting hair and transforming appearances?

Many people are tempted by a career as a fashion hair stylist but are uncertain and hesitant about taking the plunge.

If you want to make that career change, you’ll need to create a well-crafted job application with a professional cover letter and a tailored resume for a hair stylist role

Alongside an excellent job application, here are ten expert tips to help you transition into hair styling.

1. Place emphasis on learning

You’ll need qualifications and certifications to land a role at the best salons. However, over and above professional certificates, your attitude should be that of a lifelong learner. You’ll always need to be keen and eager to learn new techniques, adapt to contemporary styles, and use different equipment as your career progresses.

2. Research

Successful hair stylists stay ahead of the curve, either leading new trends or quickly reacting to the latest fashions. To stay on top of your game, embrace a researcher’s spirit. Be on the lookout for recent trends so that you can offer in-vogue styles to your clients. Similar to the emphasis on learning, constantly researching will help your approach to hair styling stay fresh. 

3. Be confident

The highest-paid hair stylists exude confidence. They know their talents and know their worth as service providers. Have the confidence in your professional abilities to go out and claim those high-paying clients.

4. Be open-minded

Don’t shy away from experimentation, even with styles that you don’t have a personal preference for. Experimenting will allow you to hone your skills and adapt to different customer markets.

5. Look professional

Always maintain your professionalism. For a hairstylist, that includes turning up for work in a presentable manner, always being on time, and maintaining high quality. Your appearance is part of the package as a stylist, so you should make an effort to always be at your best. This means no baggy sweatpants!

6. Sell yourself

You need to get comfortable with self-promotion. You need to become a salesperson for your services as this is the only way to build a loyal client base. Encourage your clients to spread the word among their friends, too.

7. Customer service is important

Beyond your hairstyling talents, you must emphasize providing excellent customer service. That means a pleasant environment and clear communication regarding appointments. Do everything you can to provide an excellent service to avoid those negative reviews.

8. Get tech-savvy

Social media and website ownership are essential tools to establish credibility for your business and services. If your business or the salon you work for isn’t using them, then they’re missing out on the huge potential to improve services and spread the word through online advertising. Your target market is online, so you should be, too. 

9. Know your numbers

Making money as a hairstylist is all about knowing your numbers. You need to keep track of average customer spending, average clients per day/week, and the frequency of client visits. If you work at a salon, you’ll need to know exactly your commission per customer and how tipping works. Getting a good idea of all these metrics can help you build a higher-paying career.

10. Craft the perfect resume and cover letter

If you’re applying for a role in a salon, you won’t get anywhere on talents alone. You’ll need to showcase your talents, skills, qualifications, and experiences in a well-crafted cover letter and resume. Your cover letter will need to explain why you’re a great fit and what you can bring to the team.