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10 Hot Accessory Trends for Every Bride

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Brides are the belle of the ball at a wedding because of the curiosity surrounding her look. The idea is to show up and take their breath away, starting from your wedding dress to the accessories and makeup. These days, brides lean towards the hot jewelry trends that match their style while giving them a knockout look. So, are you getting married soon and want to look like a bombshell? Get in here to view uniquewedding bridal jewelry and accessories that complement your dress from head to toe. 

Bridal box  

The wedding subscription box is like an answer to a bride’s prayers. Not only does the bride to be box offer guidance through wedding planning, but you also get accessories. Bridal box subscriptions like misstomrs offer nine themed boxes where the lucky woman finds wedding bridal jewelry. She will see bridal hairpins, rose gold necklaces, and even makeup tutorials to jazz up the bride. The miss to Mrs. bridal box prepares you for the wedding by lifting task burdens. If you forget to buy your jewelry or they snap at the last minute, your package comes to the rescue. The best part is that the brand offers four plans to suit every wedding stage, so it’s never late to subscribe. You will find the accelerated, extended, quarterly, and monthly plans all tailored to pamper you from the engagement until the honeymoon. And if you are Mrs. and Mrs., you’ve hit gold with this brand of carefully curated goodies.  

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Hair accessories 

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You will always find some of the best bridal accessories on the hair. Hair accessories are theme-friendly, from whimsical to vintage, modern, rustic, chic, and more. The versatility of hair accessories leaves us in awe. Talk about the cathedral length veil, mid-length, birdcage veil, or blusher options; the choices are limitless. If you want to walk down the aisle sans veil, choose a flower type from your bouquet, bejeweled headbands, or hairpins. Other options include clips, tiaras, combs, barrettes, hairpins, bun wraps, fascinators, or feathers. 

Bridal garter 

The perfect keepsake from your wedding day is a garter, whether you toss it or not. You can carry on the tradition by incorporating something blue into the wedding. Alternatively, decorate your garter with cute patterns, wedding colors, or quirky saying. Garters are also theme-friendly, especially when you wish to toss or save them for the night. 

Wedding sash 

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Spruce up your wedding look with a wedding sash, especially if the dress is plain. A bridal sash emphasizes the waist while flattering your figure. This accessory also expresses your style in the wedding ensemble. Your sash options include the bejeweled lot, nature-inspired and floral fabrics, satin, lace, and colorful pieces. 

Wedding jewelry 

The ultimate wedding jewelry for brides is engagement and wedding rings. However, it is up to you to decide what jewelry complements your dress. Also, your style and wedding dress will determine how light or heavy a jewelry to wear. If you are fashion-forward and love attention, combine trending earrings and matching bracelets. Sometimes, your dress may not require a necklace, making you settle for simple beaded bride earrings. The simple bride may also do without the bridal jewelry trends and opt for studs and bracelets. Work with your wedding dress stylist to find your rhythm. 

Wedding clutches/purse 

We know that you’ll carry a bouquet throughout the ceremony and perhaps the reception. It is also possible that you could lose the clutch before your day ends. However, purses are essential for holding phones, breath mints, tissues, lip gloss, cash, and a travel-size perfume. Let your maid of honor or a trusted family member keep it for you. 

Wedding shoes  

After the wedding dress, wedding shoes are the most vital accessory to the bride. Your shoe choices will depend on the length of your wedding and the topography of the venue. Consider your style, comfort, and wedding location. Hence, a pair of flat sandals must complement your wedding shoes, whether they are heels or wedges. Consider neutrals or buy a bright color to pop your wedding look. 

The perfect undergarments 

One of the essential wedding accessories is undergarments. Your wedding outfit salon must find you the perfect undergarment to match your dress immediately after purchase. This arsenal ranges from bras to shapewear, seamless underwear, thongs, and everything that will make the gown sit well on you. Sometimes, these undergarments can be in-built for more support. Also, you can wear a functional undergarment for the day and a racy one for the wedding night. Better get them ready! 

Nuptial gloves 

Gloves put the finishing touch to a vintage and traditional wedding look. These gloves come in styles and lengths that include wrist and elbow-length, satin, crotchet and lace, open-and-closed fingers, and more. If you do not want to take them off during ring exchange, choose the fingerless lace gloves. 

Marital wrap or jacket 

The current wedding accessories trends see many brides wearing jackets, shawls, or wraps over their wedding dresses. This accessory will come in handy for those getting married in the chilly months. Opt for a stole or faux fur shawl for a vintage touch. Custom denim jackets, cardigans, or plaid flannel shirts will give you a casual look. But if you want to maintain a glamorous look for the camera, wear a bolero or shawl. 

Your wedding ensemble is incomplete without matching accessories. But regardless of your style, there are tons of hot jewelry trends options. Think of affordable wedding jewelry, stunning hair accessories, bridal box subscriptions, and more. So, check out this post, bring on your a-game, and knock their socks off.

Author: Anastasia Beluschenko, with a specialty in wedding dresses, joined Wedding Forward over five years ago. She knows everything about wedding dresses from styles to trends, fit, and designers. Her great sense of style makes it easy for her to expertly predict the newest and hottest wedding dress trends. For leisure, she loves court tennis and stretching. 

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