4 Fashionable Hairstyles In 2021

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AdobeStock 213866734

Contrary to popular belief, hair isn’t only important to women. Men also consider their hair as one of the most important parts of their appearance as this can affect their confidence, even their career and ability to attract partners. It’ll be challenging for both men and women to get out of their comfort zones if they’re too conscious about how their hair looks.  

Aside from regularly maintaining your hair, you should also put some effort into choosing a hairstyle. This is an important decision to make because your hairstyle can significantly affect your image. Choosing the wrong hairstyle, for example, can make you look older than your actual age.  

To know what your options are and help you choose, listed below are four fashionable hairstyles for 2021: 

  1. Crew Cut For Men 

The crew cut is one of the most classic hairstyles available for men—and with the number of men who still choose to copy it, you can expect that this hairstyle isn’t going away soon. A crew cut is characterized by short strands on top of the head, sitting in an upright position. You can go to your trusted Dino’s Barbershop San Diego to get this trendy haircut.

For men who want to copy this hairstyle for 2021, it’s best if they check Bespoke Unit’s guide so they’ll know how to properly communicate with their barber and get the hairstyle they expect.  

  1. Curly Bangs For Women 

Bangs have been a common hairstyle for women for years, but women would usually have them straight. For women who want to try something new for 2021, having curly bangs is a great option. 

Curly bangs work well for women who have small faces because the bangs enhance the shape of their faces. If you’re planning to copy this hairstyle, make sure you find a hairstylist who has experience in cutting curly hair because the wrong technique can cause frizz.  

  1. Undercut For Men 

As the name suggests, undercut for men refers to any hairstyle that leaves a certain length of hair on top of the head while the sides and back are closely cut or faded. This kind of hairstyle will look good on men with round-shaped faces.  

Although one of the most popular hairstyles among men in 2021, keep in mind that copying this hairstyle will require time and effort to maintain. For men to manage their undercut, they’ll have to shave their hair regularly to ensure that the hair on their sides and back don’t grow long.  

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AdobeStock 211930888
  1. Low-Maintenance Cuts For Women 

While some women have the time to regularly visit salons, others are too busy to do this. Even for those who do have time, it isn’t advisable because of the current pandemic. This is why low-maintenance cuts are great options.  

Women who have naturally straight hair can stick to a blunt cut as this will make their hair look thicker and allow soft layers to angle their faces. Women with wavy hair, on the other hand, can add a few layers around the crown to give their hair more shape. These hairstyles will surely make any women look good without requiring them to regularly visit the salon.  

Sport A Brand-New Look  

Now that you know what your options are, it’s time to choose which hairstyle to copy for 2021. When deciding, make sure to consider your face shape, hair type and texture, and maintenance requirement. Once you’ve picked a hairstyle with these factors in mind, start looking for a stylist, so you can finally flaunt a new hairstyle for 2021!