4 Reasons to Buy Pre-Loved Designer Bags

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The demand for second hand luxury bags is increasing steadily over the years as more and more customers are embracing alternative and sustainable fashion consumption

Buying pre-owned designer bags also offers a lot of perks over buying brand new ones or choosing cheaper alternatives.

From reasonable costs to limited edition handbags, there are few compelling reasons to opt for pre-owned luxury bags.

1. Reasonable price tags

Though you can afford retail, why would you waste your money that can go on another purchase? If you choose pre-owned Fendi bags, for example, the cost is significantly lower, and you still get excellent craftsmanship, quality, and functionality. You’ll own a designer fashion piece for a fraction of retail.

However, similar to buying any pre-loved luxury item, the price varies based on several factors. For instance, a second hand Hermes Birkin bag that looks as good as new will only cost around 5 to 10% less than its original price.

Another factor that affects the cost of the second hand bag is its rarity, style or colour

For instance, bags made with rare exotic leather cost higher than those made with ordinary materials. Moreover, if the bag is in a rare colour, such as the Channel Classic Flap in black or beige, it typically costs more on the second hand market as opposed to those less sought-after hues.

If you can make a bit of compromise on the bag’s condition, such as the colour and style, you can find incredible deals and own a designer bag that will last for many years. And since a brand new bag is not brand new anymore once you wear it, why not save your money and go pre-owned?

2. Access to limited-edition pieces

If you buy pre-loved handbags, you will gain access to limited edition pieces that are impossible to find in designer retail stores.

Even if you have the money, you can’t just visit designer stores like Hermes and buy one. In most cases, it will take many years of establishing yourself as a reputable buyer or courting the sales staff so you can get the opportunity to get one, especially if you are searching specifically for a Hermes handbag made with exotic leather, like crocodile or alligator.

The ability to source unavailable or rare designer bags is something second hand shops are proud of. You can get your hands on a vibrant collection of luxury bags that are rarely seen.

The second-hand market offers a vast collection of exclusive handbags, perhaps even those released decades ago. However, you need to find a reputable seller that can notify you if your preferred bag is in stock. Resellers of designer bags have networks that allow them to obtain specific bags from people who want to sell one of theirs.

3. Better for the environment

As shoppers become more conscious about the environmental impact of apparel production, they are shifting to businesses that expand their promise of sustainability. Choosing pre-owned luxury items like bags, clothes, and jewelry offers you an excellent way of pushing back against today’s fast-fashion system.

Second-hand shopping protects the environment in various ways, including;

  • Creating less waste because you are saving the item from ending up in landfills
  • Reducing pollution and water footprint
  • Saving energy and natural resources
  • Minimising the demand for the packaging industry

Second-hand shopping is best for the planet than always shopping for brand new things. If most consumers consider buying second-hand items, including designer bags, apparel, and accessories, that would be a huge step toward helping save the environment.

4. Best resale value

Designer bags tend to retain their value on the second-hand market. When buying items on retail, the value drops significantly over the years, but if you opt for pre-owned bags, you will most likely be able to sell them later for the same price as when you purchased them.

Buying pre-loved designer bags can turn into a hefty investment. You get to own a bag that will stay in excellent condition for many years and retain a considerable portion of its value as a resale piece.

Time to shop for your pre-loved bags

There are several reasons why purchasing pre-owned bags is becoming popular. But to ensure a smart investment, you need to get them from a seller specializing in procurement and sale of pre-loved designer items. 

Do a bit of research on which retailer works best for you, has a superb reputation, and delivers excellent customer service. Don’t forget to read the shop’s return policy as well. Reputable sellers stand behind their products and offer a hassle-free way to return an item within a reasonable timeframe.  

As you go shopping, you can always refer to this article as a guide. And once you’ve found a reputable seller, shopping for your next pre-owned bag will be a lot easier.