5 Cute Pattu Pavadai Styles for You and Your Little One For 2021

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Pattu Pavadai are the renowned traditional south Indian clothes, tailored from Kanchipuram, Sirumugai, and Banaras silk fabrics. They are most prevalent in Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu regions, coming in a set with a waist-length top and ankle-length pleated skirt. It goes by different names such as Pavadai Davani, Half Saree langa voni or langa davani.

Pattu Pavadai are the cultural aesthetics in South India; they are worn in almost every household during the festive season. They are prevalent among young kids and girls.

Are you looking for some Pattu Pavadai styles for your sweet little one and you? Here are a few adorable designs for you then for the 2021 festive season!

The Rocking Combos

The most easygoing and on-trend combos are green and red, yellow and green, blue and green, yellow and blue, blue and dark pink, red and yellow, and red and white. There are some dark colors too, but they might not suit the innocence the kids radiate. 

The sea-green color with yellow borders on the sleeves and skirt will make you seem heavenly. The lavender and white with floral prints and the orange with green or red or blue are lovely combinations. 

The Sleeves of Top

There are around four choices regarding the options available for the sleeves of the top. The first one you can decide is whether the sleeves have to be puffed or not. Puffy sleeves certainly look cute over the little one as they add an aura of innocence plus cuteness. 

The plain sleeves would do wonders, too, especially when the climate can be unfavorable as puffy sleeves can get uncomfortable in the humid air. Straight sleeves with embroidery are also perfect for such scenes. 

Also, after deciding this, choose the length of the sleeves of the waist length top. You can either wear fully sleeved, three-fourth, or completely sleeveless. Sleeveless ones are the best for kids.

Patterns For The Skirt

The Pattu Pavadai wear gives a special mention to the skirt. There are several patterns to choose from, like whether you want a single border over the beautifully pleated skirt or no border or multiple colors lounging over it. 

The patterns can be circular, covering the entirety of the skirt with a sequential design, prints, or other embroidery dots. For example, a pink-colored sleeveless top with a dark-colored skirt that has some wide flower prints is a beautiful Pattu Pavadai. 

The skirt is designed for a seemingly flaring aspect. However, you can choose the one that does not puff up or flare that much. 

Some recommendations for Girls and Women:-

The young girls and women can go for the all the white Pattu Pavadai along with golden borders and golden embroidery embossed on the skirt and top. The red puffy-sleeved top will look magnificent with a white skirt with no borders or a red or ivory border. Borders on the sleeve ends are entertained as well. 

You can go for black-colored ones too that have white or yellow borders, and the sleeves are puffed. 

Choose the set that you find pleasing regarding color pattern combos, embroidery of the top and bottom, and comfort of wearing.

Also, you can finish off your look with kohl, kajal, and the white gajra that has a perpetual seat in every south Indian look. You can also wear a light neckpiece, authentic earrings, and colorful bangles that match the color of your Pattu Pavadai. 


While buying ready-made ones, do try it and check the quality of the material.

Instead of buying the readymade ones that can cause fitting size and comfort issues, tailoring the Pattu Pavadai clothes is the best option if you do not want to compromise the authentic and divine appearance of the South Indian Culture. 

Also, if you are the mommy of a baby girl, why not match your dress with hers? Two sisters and even best friends can opt for this method. 

Avail online tailoring services in Bangalore to assure you of the quality of the clothes and stitch it within the deadline. With online stitching, there will be no extra charges if an alteration of size is needed. The payments can also be made only after the delivery via an online link.