5 Thrift Shopping Tips to Boost Style


A person’s trash, is another person’s treasure — the essence of thrift shopping.

People who have large wardrobes tend to donate and sell their clothes. These pre-loved clothes are still of good condition and only sold for an affordable price. Aside from having new garments at a lower price, some shoppers are lucky to find rare and even designer items at the thrift store.

Moreover, thrift shopping is helping still-wearable garments out of the landfill. This is better than fast fashion. If you are new to thrift shopping, be aware that looking for rare finds can be tiring and overwhelming. But, the rewards surely outweighs the difficulties.

Here are a few thrift shopping tips to help you make the most out of your thrift shopping experience and boost your fashion style.

Sell Pre-loved or Donate Clothes First

If you do not have enough space for new clothes, it is important to donate or sell those you do not wear. Make room for the items you will buy from the thrift store. Call the laundry delivery service near you if you do not have time to wash your clothes before selling or donating them. Let them do the job. It is important to offer nice clean clothes.

Know What You Want

Do not go to the thrift shop without knowing what you want. You have to plan what garment you are specifically looking for, which makes your thrift hunting more memorable. If you are looking for denim wear, go straight to the denim aisle and do not distract yourself from other garments.

Shop with Cash Only

Seeing several unique and designer clothes at the thrift store may be a financial trap. Purchase only clothes that you need and fits well. You have to stay on budget, that’s why it is advisable to shop with cash to ensure you do not go beyond the budget.

If you see great finds that are not your style, admire them from afar, but do not take them home.

Scan the Aisles to Save Time

It is overwhelming to rummage multiple piles and racks of clothes. More so, you are not sure if these clothes are well-washed at the laundry service. It greatly depends on the thrift store you go to. You have to avoid wasting time rummaging through clothes and the possibility of getting bacteria while doing so. It is best to scan the aisle to save time and keep yourself protected. Moreover, it practices your focus over time.

Tailor Finds

Whether it is a thrift or vintage piece, what you should bring home from the thrift store should match your taste and style. You have to remember that pre-loved items are unique. Some may need alterations. If the thrift item has stains, you can bring them to the laundry service near you and consult how to remove them properly and effectively.

Final Thoughts

Although the clothes you find at the thrift store are affordable, you have to act logically. Do not buy everything you see. Only go for the item that fits you. Remember, being a sustainable consumer means reducing what you buy, even when it is secondhand and cheap.