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7 Times When Deepika Stunned Us With Her Kurti Look

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Deepika Padukone has proved that when she’s determined to embrace something stylish and elegant, she nailed it. Already the diva has influenced us a lot with her dynamic personality while playing an array of roles in Bollywood’s blockbusters films. Be it her first debut- Om Shanti Om- or her one of the biggest hits- Bajirao Mastani- every time Deepika astonishes us with her versatile appearance. Even in real life, the diva wins our heart through her unbeatable likings for fashion. Just like her ladies’ kurta looks that always help Deepika to showcase the gorgeous avatar of her. These events witness that Deepika’s love for Kurti fashion seems to be unstoppable as whenever the woman goes down on desi routes, she proves it.  

  1. Deepika Rocks The Airport Look In Pink

We can’t resist that Deepika has a special place in her heart for kurti style. On her airport visit, Deepika wore a beautiful pink salwar kameez in an absolutely desi vibe. It proves that her love and taste for desi kurti fashion is endless. Deepika looks adorable in this flashy pink concept that she pairs with a Punjabi Jutti in a chic style. 

  1. Deepika In A Subtle White Dress
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White has always been the trend-setting concept in the entire B-town when it comes to fashion. And we can’t deny that Deepika isn’t far from embracing this concept with perfection. Deepika seems to be well-planned for her kurti white dress that makes a reason how the women look excellent in this purely white concept that truly looks phenomenal.  

  1. Her Kurti Style In Piku

Those beautiful songs and personality from Piku have still retained a special appearance in our mind. Especially Deepika’s stunning kurti style helped Deepika extremely well in embracing a local Bengali girl look with perfection. Deepika’s look in kurti seems to be phenomenal by all means. For a typical Indian girl, this kurti style is an adorable statement piece.  

  1. Mrs & Mr Singh Gorgeous Dressing Coordination In Kurtas
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After a successful wedding day, Deepveer made an attractive appearance at the airport in a gorgeous coordinated concept. Ranveer wore light hued gents kurta teamed up with a Nehru jacket whilst Deepika chooses the same concept but paired with a gorgeous Banarsi dupatta. We can’t resist how flawlessly the couples have created such a trending coordinated style that looks truly adorable. 

  1. While Celebrating A Divine Moment With Ranveer

Again, Ranveer and Deepika spotted at a divine destination in a high-profile kurta concept to celebrate their new life. Deepika dressed in a heavy salwar kameez, and the way the couple picked out the dark hues truly draw our eyeballs. We can’t resist how majestically Deepveer have managed to create headlines through their excellent dressing sense. 

  1. Deepika Attends An Event In Yellow
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In this yellow statement piece, Deepika seems to be taking the desi fashion game to the next level. With utmost grace, the diva dressed in a yellow ladies kurti concept. The sequence is working as a catchy add-on in the outfit. With green earnings, Deepika has undoubtedly given a striking transition to the outfit, highlighting Deepika’s excellence in selecting the best dressing pairs.  

  1. When She Picks Black And White Dual Tones

Once Deepika tried to experiment with a dual-tone fashion, and like always, she nailed it again. Deepika chooses a black kurti style top and team up with white leggings. The golden embroidery matching with the big earrings are adding volume to the outfit. There’s no surprise that Deepika has created a vibrant look by working on some common dressing principles. 

The Bottom Line

After these fashionable outfits, Deepika proves that she will continue to ace the desi fashion over and over again. We must learn from Deepika Padukonee how to look sensational whenever heading out in a kurti style. Deepika’s versatility in electing the best coordination deserves appreciation as, these days, her outfits continue to evolve as the most popular inspirational source for girls.  If you also want to style like Deepika, leave that work and head to a popular online shopping site, like, where you can chase the opportunity to look adorable like never before. 

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