8 Tips To Personalize Your Fashion

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Fashion is a substantial industry which capitalizes on making you feel your best, but curating your own personal style doesn’t have to mean following the latest trends, it’s more dependent on finding what your style is and staying true to it. That being said, you may not have determined your own personal style yet, if you’d like to get to know more about your fashionable inner self, this article is for you. 

In one way or another, you may have bought some pieces of clothing that you never really got to wear. You probably have made less than sensible decisions when it comes to your wardrobe, take a look back at those decisions and apply these strategies to yourself to discover what your style might be. 

Although it can work to copy and imitate some of your favourite fashion models and celebrities, that won’t be sustainable for you in the long run as you become more challenged to explore your individuality. We recommend that you buy from fashion brands that promote custom clothing manufacturers in the UK. It allows customers to buy something that goes with their personal style.

Here are some tips for you to help you personalize your sense of fashion:

  1. Study And Assess Your Closet

First thing’s first, before you go and raid your closet for a significant overhaul, think about the clothes you are happy and comfortable wearing. When you open your wardrobe, you need to be able to identify all of your favorite clothing items, from there, you can determine which staple outfits matter to you. 

Pull these favorite pieces out and try to decipher why they make you feel good about yourself and how they complement your body features. You should also compare the similarities of these different clothes to identify what’s common among them, and take note of that specific preferred style.

When you finally start raiding and getting rid of old or outdated clothes, it’s alright to keep those items which you have an emotional attachment to. Those pieces might actually come in handy later, as vintage looks never go out of style anyway.

  1. Customize Your Clothes

It can be a bit daunting to think about your preferred sense of style. When there are just too many fashion trends and clothing categories, it is difficult to segregate and settle with only one style. 

If you want to stand out from the rest and stay unique, you can invest in some customized apparel. Personalized clothing doesn’t have to be complex; if you want to wear daily clothes customized with your initials or a fun design, you should consider custom embroidery. Sites such as https://www.shopstrange.net/how-much-is-custom-embroidery/ are a good starting point if you’re wanting to incorporate customized designs and embroidery on your clothing. 

Using customized clothes will make you stand out from the rest and give you the sense of originality you’ve been trying to find. If you are confused about what design to embroider on your shirt and other apparel, you may refer to some suitable designs available on the web. Take a picture of your favorite designs and send it to the artist you’re working with, and they will take charge of the embroidery process.

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  1. Own Some Basics

Fill your wardrobe with travel must-haves that you can wear when you decide to go somewhere far, and invest in elegant and straightforward classics too, which will always be up to date. 

The greatest thing about basics is that they’re here to stay, so, it’s relatively a wise investment to buy some basics and keep them for a long while, however, know that due to the weather and constant washing, you still need to replace these every few years. The need to replace clothing is due to the material’s quality, which may fade or stretch out over time. Your body shape might change, too, so you will have to consider this factor seasonally, and renew the set of basics in your wardrobe when needed.

When shopping for essential clothes, you can either shop in the physical boutique or buy from a reliable online retailer that offers various sizes, designs, and colors. When it comes to classic pieces, it is best to stock up on different colors as you can use them simultaneously to match up with other stuff in your closet. 

Buy a handful of basic tops like cotton t-shirts, denim jeans and shorts, and some basic little black dresses, along with some statement pieces. All of these can be used to create a different look or style, so invest in them well.

  1. Choose Your Fashion Inspiration

Another helpful tip for finding your style is to choose your fashion inspirations, whether it’s someone close to you, like a family or friend, or whether they are celebrities, models, or fashion icons, and try to answer why their style appeals to you. Check out different accounts on social media and observe how other individuals dress, from casual to dressy outfits, and see what things you might like. 

You should also read more fashion blogs to find inspiration and tips. Nowadays, there is a huge variety of fashion bloggers available online, you are sure to find someone’s style to whom you can relate to. Another resource is fashion magazines; you can always find different looks to help you decide on what kind of look you prefer.

  1. Make Your Own Fashion Vision Board

Throughout developing your styles, you have to keep track of all the resources you have gathered. Although printing your reference points and collating them into a vision board may seem old school, it still works to help you visualize different combinations of outfits and looks.

If a vision board does not seem viable for you, you can always create a folder on your smartphone and consolidate all the screenshots of outfits that inspire and impact your look, so they’re available for easy access.

As you review the different looks of models and fashion inspirations, you will realize that many are liberal with how they match and combine colors and looks. Choose a couple of pictures and outfits that you love the most, and refer to them as your guide when you finally go for a wardrobe shopping trip.

  1. Experiment With Different Styles

Now that you have gone over the basic steps, you should explore the more detailed part of deciding your style. This is the time to add some unique clothing pieces into your wardrobe that somehow define your fashion. Although at this point, you may still feel a bit confused on how to mix and match some clothes, this stage involves experimentation, so it’s ok to change your sense of style as you go, you can always get rid of those looks that you feel are not defining the real you.

Personalizing your style should emphasize wearing clothes that make you feel your best. If you haven’t yet found what styles feel best on you, then you should continue discovering and playing dress-up. You can start slow by combining solid colors first, and when you become comfortable, you can begin engaging in mixing bolder colors and combinations of prints and textures.

  1. Determine Your Colors

It’s time to talk color! You might already have a bias towards your favorite color, however don’t let it trap you into thinking that you should not wear other colors too, you can assess which colors complement your skin color and stick to those colors. You should also consider your hair and eye color to distinguish which fabric colors will make you look better.

Another thing to consider when choosing colors for your clothes is the changing of seasons. It will help if you have a consistent color scheme so that you can mix outfits easily, moreover, this will make it easier to transition to different colors when seasons change.

  1. Ignore Trends

Don’t let the current trends stress you out or pressure you to buy the same clothes as other people you see on the street, trends will always come and go, but your style will always stick with you. Respect the trends but don’t let them enslave you. One common mistake women usually make is when they associate fashion trends with style, but these two things are very different. 

A personal style is about creating your daily look, customized and curated to your personal preferences and lifestyle, it has not been influenced by any current trend or the fluctuating whims of fashion. In a nutshell, this means that your unique style remains the same, no matter where you are, who you’re with, and how old you’ve become.

Forget about what many Hollywood celebrities are wearing right now, and divert your attention to what matters more: your body and your lifestyle. 

Select clothes that help to define your identity, these clothes should also be versatile and practical enough to be used for many occasions and events. Clothes for different seasons should also be available in your diverse closet, and lastly, you should mix and match all these items to come up with different looks now and then.


Curating a personal style sometimes means you have to let go of clothes that no longer define you. Depending on your closet size, you can stock up on as many versatile and diverse garments as you like, however if you are a minimalist, try to stick to these tips and prioritize shopping for clothes that define you, make you feel happy about your body, and are helpful in many occasions and daily activities. 

Being uniquely dressed in your personalized embroidered shirts and apparel is an excellent idea, don’t focus on trends and seek out the look that will make you feel beautiful and happy.