9 Fashion Tips For Summer 2021

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Summer is right around the corner and the idea of stepping outside of our homes has become possible. We can finally dress up and step out to make the most of the beautiful weather. It is now time to think of outfits that are not pajamas. The hottest accessory of the year is a vaccine but you can also find the right look to go with it. Here are the top fashion tips for Summer 2021 you must watch out for. 

1. Bold patterns 

We have become slightly stir crazy due to the pandemic. But fashion has embraced this energy and has entered our lives with wild patterns. Say funky pants or bright-colored checkered pants. This summer is all about bold patterns in every manner. Invest in a bold formal dress that turns heads and you are set for the special occasion. Whether you are looking at the thrift store or a designer store, you will easily be able to create a classic look without investing a lot.  

2.  Neon orange

Neon is seeing a comeback but orange has already taken the lead. Right from the orange dresses to the stunning neon accessories, the color of the summer is orange. Identify bright orange outfits that are easy to style and comfortable to carry. You can find them in any clothing store and they look lovely on all body types. 

3.  Shoulder pads

Last year was all about adding shoulder pads to our wardrobe but it seems like the eighties have made a comeback. It seems like we are now embracing the powerful style this year. Be ready for shoulder pads on your blazers, jackets, and t-shirts for a commanding and strong look.

4.  Monochrome 

Monochrome never goes out of style. But instead of pulling out the all-black attire again, pick bright patterns and colors. You can choose some winning combinations like browns and neons or sorbet pastels. You can think of a neon skirt or bodysuit and a dress with nice shoes. 

5.  Cottagecore shirts and dresses 

This style is back with a bang. All of us love pastel colors, subtle patterns, and large, puffy sleeves. This is a style everyone is embracing today. You can wear it at brunch or for a fun shopping day with your girls. There is nothing like a pastel dress with puff sleeves paired with your favorite accessories. 

6.  Sweater vests

Many of us were under the impression that it would be a short-term trend but the sweater vests are coming back for the summer and they have a twist. You can wear the vest in a funky manner or pick bright colors like neon. It will give a bright look and you are all set to go. A lot of brands are trying to make the vests look more appropriate and they are considering more cutouts while using light, breathable fabrics so that the outfit can be worn throughout the year.

7.  Crochet

Every decade has a crochet style that comes and goes. This year, it is about bold patterns and bright colors. You will find several crochet tops for the summer from different brands. It is a trend you can also find at nearby vendors who make the products by hand. 

8.  Cut-outs

Those who have not seen dresses with cutouts yet are missing out on something amazing. Consider a modern-day cold shoulder outfit. You will find many brands that are offering cut-outs on bright-colored dresses. It will change the way you look and will create a new style in no time. They look amazing for different occasions and will allow you to look the best when you style them with the right pair of shoes. 

9.  Sheer dresses 

A lot of magazine covers show sheer dresses and they are becoming a hot favorite. How you wear them will make all the difference. You can style them with your favorite shoes or accessories to complete the look. It is definitely a trend for the summer of 2021 and will keep you cool all summer. 

No matter the style or trend you pick for the summer, you must ensure that the clothes fit perfectly. Always prioritize comfort over everything else. It is best to look for clothes that fit you well as compared to dresses that bunch up and do not make you feel stylish. If the wardrobe fits you well, you will look stylish in everything you wear in the summer. You must learn to balance proportions to create an overall harmonious look. It is possible to achieve this look by wearing clothes that are an ideal fit for your body shape. Consider playing with oversized clothes or new shapes and make it a fashion moment by keeping the remaining look well-fitted.