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A brief history of women’s sneakers in NZ + FAQ

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There are more variations for women sneakers NZ in today’s time than men. From high heels to flats, you can get your hands on any type of sneakers you want. But, it hasn’t been the same always. Sneakers for women have come a long way. Although there are many manuscripts and ancient drawings that showcase women wearing high heel shoes, they were more occasional wear than regular. But why is this? A more implied answer would be that sneakers are manly. Sneakers have been a man’s thing for a long time and for women who wore shoes in the past, it would forecast a manly figure that not everyone liked. 

Although sneakers NZ has been a prominent protector of the feet for centuries now, it was only in the early 1900s when women started to wear them. A greater creator for the same can go to the evolution of sports for women. Since the beginning of the 1900s women have become more notable in sports than ever. And, as we all know, in many major sports, be it running, tennis, badminton or basketball, shoes are essential. Hence, the early 1900s was dominated by sports shoes for women that had rubber soles and tough looks. These were the saddle shoes. They were not essentially a fashion like they are today but more for protection. 

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As time progressed and came the beginning of a new decade, in 1935 and further, as the involvement of women in multiple sports progressed, they were spotted wearing a much more comfortable pair of shoes than the rubber sole saddles. These were much more compact and provided enough grip and protection. These are now what we call the oxford shoes that many men and women rock with their professional attires. It was also during this time that the involvement of women in the workplace increased. There was working side by side with men in plants and manufacturing establishments. These Oxford shoes were also spotted in these areas too.  

It was after the second world war that many brands that are now prominent came into play and started making shoes for women. The first ones that hit the market were tennis shoes. The lightweight, soft sole, and classic design of the shoes made them more appealing to women and they instantly adapted to this notion. 

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It was late in the 1900s when more popular and professional brands started the trend of the kind of shows we see for women in today’s time. Sports and fitness began booming and so did the shoe industry. Women in sports started to get sponsorships by brands. This influenced the general audience to get them a pair of shoes their favorite sports person wore. 

Soon, sneakers NZ were no more about sports but also comfort. A youngster or a grown woman, they demanded a pair of sneakers that are comfortable, fashionable, and durable. And so, the brands listened and made many progressions in the same style of sneakers to make it more alluring to the general public. 

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Today, you have a separate pair of shoes for running, working out, for parties, and more. The varieties of women’s shoes are countless. With more design and customization options, we can easily say that this is the golden age for women sneakers. And it doesn’t stop here. There are alterations and innovations made in women’s shoes today than ever. There is more advanced technology present to make the shoes much more comfortable, lightweight, and durable for women. 

Women sneakers FAQ 

Now that you are aware of the history let’s look at the current questions that most women have while shopping for their favorite pair of sneakers NZ. 

  1. How to choose a pair of sneakers 

There is no one answer to these questions. From color to design and the kind of dress you will be wearing with the sneakers, there are a ton of questions that need to be answered before you answer this one question. But, if there would be one aspect it would simply be, to know what your style is? Buy a pair that reflects your style above everything else. 

  1. What should be my budget for a pair of sneakers 

There is no set budget per se. In general, if you go for a branded sneaker the cost of it will be almost the same regardless of the brand you choose. If you want a good pair of sneakers at least have a budget that’s $50 and more. You can find something that’s durable and long-lasting in this amount and above. 

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