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A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Eyeglass Frame

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Acquiring a pair of eyeglasses or glasses frames is as easy as choosing one from a store display. Unfortunately, this doesn’t necessarily imply that you will have chosen the right glass frame for you. There are essential factors that you must consider when choosing glasses frames in Australia. These include;

Your face shape 

Your face can be over around her feet, diamond or square. Generally, the shape of your face will determine the specific frame that could complement your look.

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Oval face: The best glasses frames that suit an oval face should have a strong bridge and wider compared to the broadest part of your face. These glasses should also be geometric in shape. Try to avoid glasses that are large or cover up more than 50% of your face. Such glasses will definitely throw off the natural balance and symmetry of your oval face. 

Round face: Rectangular or square eyeglass frames tend to be wider compared to a round face. This quality can significantly enhance your face by making it appear longer and slimmer, which is why such eyeglass frames add more balance to round face features. It would be best if you avoided round frames, small frames, and rimless frames, as these will accentuate the roundness of your face. This will make your face appear even rounder.

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Heart-shaped face: The ideal eyeglass frames for people with heart-shaped faces are the ones that balance the width of a forehead with the overall narrowness of your chin. Eyeglasses with bottom-heavy frame lines and low-set temples are likely to add width to your narrow face. Square or round eyeglasses frames with curved edges are likely to draw more attention away from your broad high forehead. Avoid any styles or colours of eyeglass frames that are likely to draw more attention to your forehead. This includes eyeglass frames with embellished tops or decorated temples.

Square face: Eyeglasses frames that soften an overall angularity and sit high on bridges of your nose appear best on square faces. Similarly, round or oval eyeglasses are likely to balance and add a thin appearance to the angles of your square face. Avoid eyeglasses frames that are boxy and angular because they are more likely to draw attention to your angular features. This will make you a square face appear bulky.

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Diamond-shaped face: Play up your narrow forehead and chin with eyeglasses frames that are wider than your check bones, such as oval or cat frames. Such frames will accentuate your cheeks and delicate facial features. It is recommended to avoid narrow and boxy eyeglasses frames as these will accentuate the overall width of your cheekbones. This is likely to draw more attention to the narrow facial features instead of accentuating them. 

The secret to finding great eyeglasses frames is to understand that opposites always attract. Choose eyeglasses frames that contrast with your overall facial contours and bring balance and symmetry to your prominent facial features. Such eyeglasses will complement your overall facial look. If it is your first time to purchase glasses, you may want to try several eyeglasses frames and choose what best suits your face. 

Skin tone 

Your skin tone also determine the specific eyeglasses frame for your face. More crucial than your hair colour and perhaps more decisive than eye colour, your skin complexion sets the overall tone for eyeglasses frames. So, it’s in your best interest to choose a shade that is closest to your overall skin tone. 

Warm skin tone: Suppose you have golden or bronze cast to your skin. In that case, you should avoid contrasting colours like pastels. Black and white eyeglasses frames may not be flattering either. It is recommended to choose brown shades, light tortoise, honey, olive green, beige, and gold. 

Cool skin tone: In case your skin has blue or pink undertones, you’ve what’s considered a cool complexion. So, avoid eyeglasses frame colours that are likely to wash you out. Reach for high-quality frames that are dark tortoise, silver, grey, black, mauve, purple, pink, or blue. 

Your lifestyle 

Have you ever realized that there are eyeglasses frames for nearly every way of life? Before you choose any specific eyeglasses frame, think about the activities you participate in while wearing glasses. Suppose you are active in engaging activities such as sports. In that case, you need high-quality frames that bend or twist without breaking. If you are a gamer, on the other hand, you can choose specific eyeglasses frames known to enhance gaming experiences. 


Lastly, choose eyeglasses frames that best match your personality. It is possible to have a pair of eyeglasses that clearly showcase your adventure-loving side on weekends and a pair of eyeglasses that emphasizes your “serious get-down-to-business” tone during the weekdays. 

Now that you are fully equipped with the knowledge you need to choose excellent eyeglasses frames, get a frame that complements your appearance and matches your lifestyle or personality. 

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