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Acquire a new sense of style with the Sleeper’s women’s clothing

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d: Were you searching for fresh summer dresses? Look no further! The Sleeper’s women’s clothing collection has enough options to offer for the pickiest of us.

Step Into Summer With the Sleeper’s Women’s Clothing

Yes, we all certainly got used to spending more time at home during the past two years. However, as life starts getting back to normal little by little, it’s time for us to get back to life too. And if we want to do it, we better do it with fashion. However, it doesn’t mean you should necessarily leave your recently-acquired comfort zone. With the Sleeper women’s clothing, it will be easier than ever to step into style while still keeping the feeling of home-like comfort. 

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The trend for fashionable loungewear has grown much over the past years. And yes, Sleeper was among the first brands to bring attention to this segment of clothing. Now, many other fashion labels followed in the footsteps of not-so-sleepwear production. Thanks to this Ukrainian brand, it’s not just style that is considered in modern women’s clothing. Practicality and comfort have also become extremely valued, both by fashion brands and their customers. However, in the case of Sleeper, it’s not only about that. This brand, even though it became kind of a trend-setter for casual pajama sets, also offers a great variety of other outfit options, such as dresses, shoes, swimwear, and even bags. One can say that this label also managed to bring a sense of versatility into the fashion world with its dedicated work. And this applies to all kinds of clothing besides loungewear too. As we can see, the more adaptable the brand is to the variable fashion world, the more admirable it gets in the eyes of the audience. Sleeper is one of the brands that successfully keep up with this task while still keeping the initial narrative of the brand. So, if you are all for comfort and elegance in style, check out some of the fashionable loungewear offers we’ve gathered.

Dreamy and Breezy Summer Dresses

Summer is the perfect season to show off your most creative and stylish garments. Bright colors and inspiring designs – that’s right what your wardrobe needs in time of the hot season. And good summer dresses are always a hot pick during this season. So now the natural question arises: where do I find a cute loungewear dress that will look both relaxed and elegant? 

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Luckily, Sleeper has got a whole collection of stunning gowns specifically for the summer period. Of course, as it was originally formed as a brand of not-so-nightwear pajamas, it creates the most comfortable dresses, that are as good for lounging at home, as for going for a night out. Another great news is that Sleeper now has a linen dress sale. First of all, what’s better during a hot summer day than having on an outfit made out of 100% natural materials? Secondly, what could be a better way to get introduced to a new brand than on a sale? Besides, there are a lot of really cute pieces there:

  • an iconic loungewear button-up dress, that has already become one of the classics;
  • the cute and princess-like Belle gown, with lantern sleeves and a supportive stretch bodice;
  • an exquisite Marquise linen dress with corset detail – a recent Sleeper’s addition to its vast dress collection;
  • a variety of Brigitte dresses – from mini to midi and maxi;
  • and of course the Sleeper’s classics – an utmost feminine Michelin dress.

As you can see, the brand offers all kinds of options, so most of us can find what we are looking for. Not to mention that, as we tend to lean towards colorful options during summer, there are a lot of hues and patterns to choose from.

A Cinderella Dream: Find your Matching Shoes

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And as you browse through the linen dress sale, you can head straight to the shoe section. Yes, even though it started as a clothing brand, Sleeper relatively quickly evolved into a multifunctional label that helps you create your new look with all the needed details. You won’t see high heels or sneakers here, however, you will get mesmerized by the brand’s various shearling slippers and sophisticated flats. Or you can push your usual level of chic even further and look into the option of Manon mules with detachable feathers – a perfect tasteful addition to any kind of outfit. Macaroni strappy sandals will also be a cute addition to your summer shoe collection and a nice opportunity to show off your pedicure as well. All the shoes for women by Sleeper are distinguished by creative design, comfortable model, and tasteful details. And, most importantly, they can also be worn with any clothes: jeans, trousers, skirts, dresses. They are destined to look completely natural and in place with every outfit.

The New Era of Style

Even during lockdown we all kind of wanted to stay fresh. Some of us even dressed up for a quick grocery shopping routine. On the other hand, we all started valuing the comfort of our homes even more. It’s great news that with the new era in fashion, we can transfer this sense of comfort into our style. And Sleeper is one of the brands that show us that it is possible to keep in style even while wearing pajamas or a lounge dress. It also showed that minimalism in clothes doesn’t mean a lack of tasteful details. Furthermore, it is usually these details that add up to the elegance of our outfits. 

Practicality has also become a huge notion in the fashion world. Not only does it align with the question of sustainability, but also gives space and opportunity for self-expression. For example, even shoes for women by Sleeper can be mix-and-matched with all the different clothes and looks, no matter the occasion. It all comes down to our perception of style, and, of course, our imagination. These are truly some of the most amazing shifts in the modern fashion scene. And it seems like they are here to stay.

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