All you need to know about the history of tungsten rings


Tungsten rings are as popular as titanium rings at weddings. It is quite evident that modern men’s clothing and apparel have become omnipresent. They now began to prefer hard tungsten, scratch proof, and weighty.  

The tungsten rings are generally in their original form gunmetal blue. Tungsten carbide is non-reactive, and even with constant contact, the rings do not change color. Tungsten black and white tungsten are different additions to the well-known gunmetal steel. The latter is distinctive and significant in its distinct silver shine. The brand is incredibly pocket-friendly; however, it looks like white gold and platinum.  

The history

The term “tungsten” has a little past of its own. The words tungsten and tungsten carbide are now misused though coming from a Swedish word, that means heavy stone! Throughout manufacturing, the term “carbide” is widely used without the specific type of “tungsten carbide,” and ordinary people prefer “tungsten” rather than tungsten carbide. Both of these are inaccurate as there are many carbide forms, some of which have no tungsten. And the tungsten carbide ring is wrong to call customers only ‘tungsten’ because tungsten is only one part used to create tungsten carbide.

Many people may think it is relatively modern to use jewelry like pins, pendants, wristbands, and wedding bands. But instead, some scholars believe that for many hundreds of years, if not so much longer, marriage classes and rings are around. Wedding rings have originated from Europe as we know them. Wearing wedding rings became popular with the Romans. 

While in the beginning, the marriage rings were worn only by women, since the 1900s, they became acceptable and common to men. Tungsten carbide rings, however, are modern, rare and approved only in 5 to 10 years, these rings are becoming more widespread and more prominent, although they are born in the world of jewelry. 

Experts in the jewelry industry agree that approximately 1 in 4 bridesmaids would settle for a carbide ring of tungsten. As carbide rings become more popular, many unique styles and designs can be chosen. The possibility of finding a perfect tungsten carbide ring was nearly endless when mixing such different types with customizations such as laser gravure, stone positioning, polishing, polished finishes, and person sizes and widths.

Why is tungsten substituting mainstream jewelry for Gold and platinum?

It is one of the best alloys for the processing of gemstones. Because it’s a soft metal, jewelry cannot use pure tungsten. Like Gold, the gems make an alloy that is made of tungsten carbide, iron, cobalt, or nickel.

The carbide rings of tungsten have their wear and tear protection. This unique feature does not possess other metals such as Gold and silver. It is heavy, easy to manipulate, and effortless to maintain. They can be worn regularly, but you can keep the sheen as new ones for years.

The only downside could be the lack of capacity to resize. They are, however, extremely pocket-friendly to replace. While tungsten carbide is not easy to break down, we have seen cases in which high-pressure rings have broken.

How do you benefit from choosing this ring? 

Tungsten has the main advantage of cost-efficiency relative to white Gold and platinum. In addition to this obvious advantage, these rings can be personalized quickly – there are a few more to choose from in this collection. You should offer this ring with a taste for quirky jewelry to your fashionable mate. It is ideal for weddings and anniversaries. 

To add a personal touch to your gift, you can tell your jeweler to grab a ring with citations, names, and other texts. The tungsten carbon fiber rings are usually mixed with colors and styles. You should use black carbon fiber inlays if you want pure contrast and visibility. It offers the standard tungsten ring rubbing resistance and crack tolerance. 

You may add a glossy sheen to your rings from shiny white by metallic blues without losing their dignity.

Tungsten rings are ideal for men and women alike. They are unisex jewelry pieces, suitable for everyday use. Carbide tungsten rings are IP-coated, and it gives the rings extra longevity. It’s relatively dense, and it means that in the next few years or so, the metal won’t lose its color or form.

Black carbide is nearly as high as a diamond. Interestingly enough, jewelers coat the precious stone with tungsten carbide. It will be astonishingly appealing, and at the same time, healthy, your black tungsten band.


The quality of tungsten carbide cannot be compromised except by body oils, soil, and detergents. Carbide of tungsten may be more challenging than most jewelry metals. However, in case of an emergency, you can hack it quickly with the right tools.