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Amazingly Unique Gifts For Your Fantasy Fiction Loving Partner

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Fantasy readers are unique creatures who cannot be impressed with the usual run-of-the-mill gifts. Think about it, these people love a world where animals can talk or can travel to entirely another realm through the back of their wardrobe. If you have such an imaginative partner, it can be tricky to buy a surprising gift. Unless you have the budget to arrange for a real dragon ride above a faux-medieval political power struggle (given its possible!) you have to be creative.

Here we are about to share some amazing fantasy themed accessories that will appeal to the magically minded.

Middle Earth Map Inspired Accessories 

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True fantasy fans are always excited about maps. What can be more appealing to your loved one, if he or she gets to drape in a shirt or leggings with a map of Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Easily available over Amazon, such fantasy inspired clothing, they are not just exciting but also cute and comfortable.

Dewey Decimal Ring

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Available on Etsy, this ring will give the lovers of the DL a memorable moment to cherish. Inspired by the Dewey Decimal system (823.087), this elegant piece of jewelry is a super-cool way to flaunt your love for fantasy, filing systems and libraries.

Lord of the Rings Quote Mugs 

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Among fantasy lovers, a huge chunk is of fans of The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings movies. If you are dating someone from that diaspora, then gift them mugs with quotes from their favourite movies. What fantasy lover won’t want to drink coffee from an “I love you like a Hobbit loves second breakfast” mug!

Fantasy Book Purses


If you are lucky to land a lady love in your life who loves classic fantasy literature, then these purses are surely going to win you a special place in her heart. Available on Etsy, each of these bags are made from actual hardcover. But there is more, you get to choose the button and handle! How insane is that?

Neverland Necklace


Another fantasy map gift on the list, this one is for those who never got over their love for Peter Pan’s Neverland. Before the world moved on to hobbits and battles, the adventures of Peter Pan were major fantasy literature. This magical pendant that captures a colourful map of Peter’s beloved home can be bought from Amazon and Etsy. We assure you this Neverland Necklace will make a perfect gift for nostalgic readers.

Dragon Jewelry and Accessories

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An exclusive collection of fantasy-themed accessories inspired by dragons you can buy them from Wyvernshoard.

Anyone who loves the dungeons and dragons or binge watches Game of Thrones will admire the beauty of these finely created jewelry and accessories. From wristbands to Obsidian Dragon & Phoenix Couple Necklaces, the collection is magnificent.

The One Ring

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If you are in doubt then you can never go wrong with the One Ring to Rule Them All. Frodo’s One Ring of Power Pendant available on Amazon is a jewelry piece that every self-respecting fantasy fan will want.

We have put you on the path with these fantasy inspired gifts, there is a lot more to explore.

May the force be with you!

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