Are Costa Eyewear Good?

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Costa is one of the most popular brands of eyewear in the world, and are a cult classic worn by stylish celebrities, sports stars, and even famous musicians who can afford to wear any brand they want. With so many looking to purchase their own pair of Costa sunglasses, it’s important to know what components make up a pair of Costa sunglasses and whether they’re worth your money or not.

Advanced Lens Technology

Costa’s lens technology is the result of a collaboration between Costa and Carl Zeiss Vision, the world’s largest manufacturer of high-quality lenses for prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses. The advanced design of Costa lenses provides superior optical clarity and protection from UV rays.

High Quality Materials

Costa uses high quality materials in order to ensure that every pair of sunglasses is durable and long lasting. This includes aluminum hinges, rubber temples, stainless steel hardware, impact resistant polycarbonate lenses, silicone nose pads and TPR temple tips.

Good Looks

Costa sunglasses come in every shape imaginable: rounded frames, square glasses and more! They come in every color from black to pink, green and blue — even an assortment of patterns like camo. If you want something unique but not too flashy, then check out their selection of prescription frames that come decorated with jewels!

Quality Optical Lenses

Costa’s quality optical lenses are their biggest selling point. They use high-quality polycarbonate lenses that provide great clarity, durability and scratch resistance. These lenses are lightweight and flexible making them comfortable to wear all day long. You can choose from standard single vision reading glasses or bifocal reading glasses if you need them for close work tasks like computer work or driving at night time.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are a type of lens that reduces glare and reflection. They block most of the light rays coming in horizontally, while allowing light to pass through in other directions. This is helpful for people who spend time outside, such as boaters, skiers, fishermen and golfers. The polarized lenses are also great for those who spend time at the beach or any place where the sun reflects off water, sand or snow.


Costa eyewear is known for their durability and quality. They are made with high-quality materials that are extremely resilient and long lasting. The frames are made from metal or plastic, which makes them very durable and sturdy.


This feature reduces glare and reflection from lights, making it easier to see when you are wearing these sunglasses. This coating also makes it so that you do not have to worry about your eyes getting tired as quickly when you are wearing your Costa Sun Sight glasses.

Fit and Comfort

Costa eyewear is one of the most comfortable brands of glasses available today. This is because they use lightweight materials to make their frames, which makes them easy to wear for long periods of time without feeling any discomfort. The materials used also allow for flexibility so that your glasses can bend with your face without breaking or causing any damage to your eyes or nose bridge area over time.

High UV Protection

Costa sunglasses and eye wear provide 100% protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. They also have anti-glare lenses that reduce glare in outdoor conditions, allowing you to see clearly without eye strain.


All in all, Costa is a good brand and the best poolside glasses that you can take into consideration. Hopefully this article has been helpful in helping your decision on where to purchase Costa sunglasses, and what style is right for you.