Saturday, January 28, 2023

Aroma Haelo creates unique face masks combining fashion & safety with aromatherapy

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No matter where you live, 2020 has added a new accessory to your wardrobe – a face mask. Whether you are going to work, the grocery store, or the gym, a face mask is now a necessary accessory for going out in public. Before the pandemic, if you needed a face mask, you had to settle for the traditional blue surgical face mask. Fast-forward to 2020 and, as with any other trend, companies and designers have now transformed the face mask into a fashion statement.

While we had face masks before the pandemic, no one had ever even dreamt of a face mask that offers the added benefits of aromatherapy. This is definitely one of those products you never imagine you might need until someone comes up with the idea. And now that the Aroma Haelo is here, we can’t help wondering where it’s been all this time.

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Based out of Minneapolis, Aroma Haelo has designed and created the first face mask with the added health benefits of aromatherapy. Since the pandemic hit, we have all experienced stress and anxiety. Aroma Haelo’s high-quality custom aromatherapy blends alleviate these symptoms and promote continued wellness at any stage of the day.

This face cover stays in place on the cheekbones, but also widens below the nose and mouth, making it easier to breathe. This design, which also features a double-ply cotton layer in the front and a single layer in the back, prioritizes safety while giving the mask a stylish look. Aroma Haelo’s most unique feature is its inner pocket for the aromatherapy pods. These pods are 100% natural, clinical-grade essential oils. The pods have an adhesive on the back, so they can be placed anywhere.

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Whether you’re preparing yourself for the day, trying to keep your mood up throughout the day, or trying to relax at the end of a busy day, Aroma Haelo aromatherapy pods are the way to go. The mask is designed for all-day comfort and sets the standard for what face coverings should offer: protection, convenience and genuine piece of mind.

Aroma Haelo prioritizes safety and is CDC-compliant. The face mask has been properly tested and approved to prevent the spread of airborne viruses.

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Aroma Haelo has designed a holistic product which protects the health of individuals while also promoting wellness. With this fake mask, the team at Aroma Haelo hopes to transform the anxiety and fear around face coverings into feelings of safety and wellness.

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