Who does not want to look like a celebrity? We all yearn to put together a perfectly coordinated, stylish and composed look like a celebrity.

However, most of us are dissuaded thinking that it is too much of hard work and something that a normal person cannot replicate. Well, in reality, the truth is that celebrities have people to help them put together this look.

It is not that every morning, they walk to their closet, browse through the clothes and pull out what they think they need to wear for the day or event. The fact that there are paparazzi’s all-around and are always on the lookout for an opportunity to click these celebrities means that they cannot afford to be shabbily dressed.

They always need to put their best look forward and this is conceptualized by a team that works hard. This team comprises of various people like a makeup artist, hairstylist, clothes stylist, accessory stylist and so on. 

This team of experts sit together to visualize a look for the celebrity and then carefully curate them.

Top Celebrity Fashion Trends in 2019

Gone are the days when by celebrities we only used to refer to movie stars, music stars, and other famous people. The current crop of celebrities post the social bloom comprises various social influencers like insta celebrities, youtube stars and so on.

Thanks to their presence on the social media platform and huge fan following thee trends set by them are followed by millions across the world.

Here are some top few celebrity fashion trends in 2019:

  • Color Pink: Pink is the color to watch out this year. The soft hues and the undertone of the color pink are known to compliment most people. The year 2019 is dedicated to dressing in pink from head to toe.
    Think of wearing pink on pink or complementary shades of pink to put together a feminine, soft and trendy outfit. In fact, many men celebs are also adorning this shade to put forward their softer side. One can experiment a lot with this shade – right from soft salmon pink to bright magenta pink there is huge palette to explore.

  • Band T-shirts: This is another look that is ruling the year 2019. If you are not into pink and want to sport a metal-inspired look then these edgy and almost grunge band T-shirts are your best bet.
    A lot of celebrities like Rihanna and Selena Gomez have been spotted wearing these T-shirts with their favorite band names or pictures on them.
    The most famous brands are the Guns N Roses, The Rolling Stones, and the Beatles. These are immortal bands that are loved by most. The underground brand is an upcoming brand that various celebrity fashion experts are promoting.

  • Sequin Dress:  Most of the celebrity fashion stylists seem to be reaching out to a sequin dress to ensure that the celebs step out in an eye-catching statement dress.
    This dress is a must for catching eyeballs in an upcoming event. Various important stars like Florence Welch have been seen wearing such statement dresses from time to time. If you are on the lookout for a simple dress that simply elevates the overall look of the evening wear.
    If you want to create a rare and bold look then opt for a sequin dress in bronze sequin or in metallic hues. These sequins are light and also offer a distinct texture to the overall look. For a feminine look, you can opt for a red or pink fully sequined dress.

  • Jumpers: Many celebs are also known to sports celebrity street fashion. Just like any other street fashion enthusiast, they are also known to wear jumpers. These jumpers are super comfy and ideal for an airport look or spa visit.
    Since they like to add a twist to everything they wear, they prefer to opt for a red jumper that looks smoking hot. These jumpers are available in various kinds of necklines like the loose-knit neck, turtle neck, sweatshirt style and so on.
    Also, the red colors are available in various hues ruby, crimson, candy red and so on. These are extremely comfortable and ideal winter wear. Also, to tone down the look, the red jumper can be paired with neutral hues like black, white or even cream.

  • Wide Leg pants: Who said, that celebs do not like comfort. They understand that wearing comfortable clothes helps them to look fresh all day long. This is the reason why many are opting for wide-leg pants.
    As the name suggests they are pants with wide legs available in various hues of colors like pink, red, brown and so on. You can either wear a contrast color top or similar shade top to complete the look and put the best foot forward

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So, with the above tips now you can replicate the celebs most wanted looks of 2019. These tips will help you to put together a look without actually having a team of experts and stylists to work for you. These are the most sought after celeb looks of 2019. There are various Celebrity fashion games on social media as well as internet where one can mix and match various looks.


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