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Choosing the Right Tailor For You

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Choosing a tailor may seem simple. One would think it only takes finding someone who can alter clothes, work on customs suits, replace a broken zipper, repair a pocket, or stitch a side tear. But, such a task is a decision that affects a man’s level of confidence and self-esteem.

Changes made on a garment speak well of a person’s fashion sense and his personality and priorities in life. It provides a summary of who a person is. Therefore, choosing the right tailor for you is a critical mission. The “how” of the process is answered in the tips below. You can also

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visit for more satisfying tailor experience.

Tips To Know

  1. Research to educate yourself

Start by asking friends. If none of them can recommend a good tailor, drop by local menswear stores. You can also browse credible sites, like Yelp, for well-reviewed tailors nearby. 

  1. Visit the tailor shop
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A phone call will do, but seeing the place is important too. It can be a subtle ocular inspection for cleanliness. You can also ask important questions personally:

· What type of repairs and tailoring the shop does?

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· How much experience they have on the garment work you need?

· Number of hours or days they need to complete the work

· The kind of guarantee they offer would there be delay or adjustments

· The quality and variety of tailoring materials they use

  1. Look at the bigger picture

Garment repair and suit tailoring isn’t a one-time event. You may need another tailoring service in the years to come, so picture your future with your chosen tailor. Will the tailoring shop be able to meet your needs in the long run? Will the repair be able to give last?

  1. Trust your gut

You are the customer who will work with your chosen tailor. You will have to live with the output. Assess the tailor’s skills based on other garments he’s created. Do you feel comfortable entrusting your clothes to the tailor? Is the price fair? Are the people in the shop courteous? Can they guarantee they finish on time? Ask yourself these questions and trust the answer you get.

  1. Build a relationship

As with other things in life, be kind. Don’t ask demeaning questions. Respect them. If they engage in small talk, participate. Conversely, also consider the way they treat you. Does your tailor understand each customer’s preference and style? Do they address customers respectfully?

Final Thoughts

Armed with these five tips, hopefully, your search would be simpler and more manageable. Choosing the right tailor for you is a personal decision that needs careful consideration and thorough research. Make sure to ask the right questions, go to the right places, and decide based on your preference. But don’t forget about industry standards on skills, price, work duration, stitch outcome, and type of materials.

Also, while visiting your tailor, remember to be courteous but firm with your needs. Specify what you exactly need and prefer. If there is anything you’d like to avoid, let your tailor know as well. Your wardrobe will thank you for it.

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