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Discover Beautiful and Long Maternity Dresses

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You got a baby on the way and you are in desperate need of some clothes that actually fit. Don’t worry, that’s pretty normal. There’s no reason to try and squeeze into tight clothing that leaves you feeling constricted and defeated. Because when you’re pregnant, you want room to breathe and clothing that is easy to move around in. The swollen ankles and bigger belly are already enough of a hindrance in your mobility. Getting long maternity dresses is a simple fix to feeling confident and comfortable in what you are wearing. You can have a variety of long maternity dresses that are perfect for every occasion so you don’t have to stress about what you will wear to dinner, a friend’s party, or while you are out running errands. Move freely and feel confident in beautiful and long maternity dresses.

Extra Flow

Sometimes you just need something that doesn’t feel limiting at all. Long maternity dresses with extra flow have very little shape to the body and allow for the necessary space to breathe and move around. They are fitted enough so you don’t look shapeless, but flowy enough to feel free and light when you wear them.

  • The James Dress: This dress is fitted loosely around the shoulders and arms but leaves extra room for those everyday errands.
  • The Riviera Dress: If you want something a little more formal but not fitted and tight, the Riviera dress is perfect for the occasion. It offers flowing layers down the sides and a slit in the front for easy mobility. Try it for the next wedding you attend or dinner at a high end restaurant.
  • The Nala Dress: This dress was made for the breeze. With adjustable straps and lots of room in the waist and legs, you can sit back and relax while looking beautiful walking on the beach and enjoying the sunset.
  • The Isa T-Shirt Dress: If a dress with a gusset on the sides doesn’t scream loose-fitting, then I don’t know what does. This dress features a scoop neck and functional buttons down the side if you need a little breeze.


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Long maternity dresses with v-necks are perfect for women who are pregnant and want to have a dress style that makes them look beautiful. V-necks allow for a little bit of the collarbone and chest to show, instead of covering this area of your body up with fabric. This style also allows for airflow on those hot days where you just need some breeze.

  • The Softest Rib Nursing Dress: This nursing-friendly dress snaps in the front and is made with ultra comfy fabric. It’s ideal for wearing while pregnant and after when you are nursing. 
  • The Carolina Dress: Calling all beachgoers! The Carolina Dress is 100% cotton and is light and airy for those hot summer beach days. The v-neck and loose sleeves perfectly compliment the adjustable wrap around the waist that hugs the baby bump. It’s fitted enough to feel beautiful and flowy enough to feel comfortable at the same time.
  • The Sarah Dress: This dress is also 100% cotton and has ruffled gauze lining the v-neck and swooping down in the back. It also features ruching in the back for necessary stretching and a deep enough v-neck for nursing. This light and airy dress will make you feel like you are on Cloud 9.

Fitted Body

Embrace that baby bump and celebrate your little one on the way with long maternity dresses that are more fitted. This way, you can show off the natural curve of your body while also getting the flex and coverage you need.

  • The Long Body Tank Dress: This dress is fitted around the chest and midsection while relaxing a bit from the hips down for mobility. The best part? Although the dress is more fitted to your best parts, the fabric is super stretchy and flexible for everyday moving.
  • The Ezra Bodycon Dress: If you are going out, the Ezra Bodycon Dress is slim and sleek for date nights and weddings. This dress had ruching all over, giving it form and flex wherever the night might take you.
  • The Jersey Sona Dress: Maybe you want something fitted but not fitted throughout the entire dress. The Jersey Sona Dress is a bump-flattering dress with a wrap around the top of your baby bump, accentuating the baby bump and leaving room for the rest of your body with loose sleeves and side slits.
  • The Jay Maxi Dress: Nothing like a fitted t-shirt dress to make you feel on top of the world. It’s stretchy, light and offers a side slit for movement and maybe to show a little leg.

Be Beautiful

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You can look and feel beautiful in some of your favorite long maternity dresses while carrying around your little one. Enjoy dresses that are extra flowy, have a v-neck, and a more fitted body. This way, you have a dress for every and any occasion that comes your way.

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