Discover How To Part Your Hair According To Your Face Shape


Have you ever wondered how a hairstyle can look fantastic on one person and terrible on someone else? It’s got nothing to do with which celebrity is wearing the look. You may be surprised to find that the shape of your face can make a big difference to how a hairstyle looks. 

To ensure you have the best possible look you should learn how to part hair according to your face shape. 

Start By Identifying What Face Shape You Have 

You can’t work out which parting to use unless you know what face shape you have. You’ll want to do the following to find out. 

The Length & Width

You need to look in the mirror and decide if your face is longer than it is wide or if the width exceeds the length. There is nothing wrong with either face shape. 

The simplest way to do this is to use one of the soft tape measures. Hold it against your hairline and then measure to the tip of your chin. That gives you the length. Then, measure the width of your face from ear to ear along the line of the bridge of your nose. 

It can help to make a note of the width of your forehead and another width just above your lips. These are generally smaller than your first width measurement. 

You can now identify your face shape. 

  • Oval

Oval faces are approximately 1.5 times longer than they are wide. So, if your face is 20cm wide the length will be at least 30cm. 

  • Round

Round faces have similar measurements at the bridge of the nose to the length of your face. The other width measurements will be fractionally smaller to help round the edges.  

  • Square

If the width at the top and bottom of your face is similar to the width in the middle and the length of your hair, then you have a square-shaped face.  

  • Diamond

Diamond-shaped faces tend to be wider at the forehead and this width should be similar to the length. The chin width will be narrower.

  • Heart

Finally, heart-shaped faces tend to have the same width chin and forehead. These measurements should be slightly narrower than the central width of your face. 

Parting Your Hair

This is the easy part but you do need to invest in high-quality styling tools, such as these GHD hairdryers. It will help to ensure your hair can be easily styled effectively and you are left looking fabulous. 

If you have decided your face is oval, round, or heart-shaped then you can choose a middle parting. This creates symmetry which will already be reflected in your body. The middle parting makes the face look longer and more balanced. However, you should note that oval faces can support virtually any parting. 

It’s worth noting that, if your face doesn’t have perfect symmetry, you should opt for an asymmetric parting. It will help your face maintain balance. 

In contrast; square and diamond faces will look better with a side parting. These soften the face and reduce the sharpness of the angles given by the shape of your face. This approach also works for oval hair.

If you wish, you can try a zig-zag parting, this works on any face shape.