Do You Know Why Velvet Dresses Are Ruling The Festive Season?


Velvet dresses and velvet clothing items or accessories, in general, have been on the rise recently. The reason for their popularity is their exquisite look that people adore. Its popularity is no surprise as people are returning to old fashion trends and materials nowadays.

The material itself exudes an aura of elegance, and velvet dresses are the go-to item for anyone who aims for a classy look. This festive season, similar to the last one, velvet dresses will be the talk of the town.

An Old Fashion Icon making a comeback

As you may already know, velvet dresses and items are no recent discovery. The fabric itself was first mentioned around the 14th century and became popular and worn by many famous figures. The reason why almost all aristocrats wore velvet clothes is that it was associated with wealth. 

The production cost of velvet in the past was very high, so only the nobles and upper-class people could afford it. It is not the same nowadays as you can easily buy cheaper materials. However, the oh-so-expensive velvet is undeniably one of the softest and smoothest fabrics ever.

The essential point in history for velvet was when its popularity exceeded in the Renaissance period. The upper-class people around the world considered the fabric as a must-have. It is why it is present in the art of that time. The Renaissance period is what has made velvet popular even nowadays.

Ruling the runway

The trend has been flourishing with the public, as it has with the fashion industry. Many 2020 collections included some dramatic and elegant pieces on display. The artistic yet classy dresses caught everyone’s eyes and have been trending amongst people ever since.

Designers also appreciate the quality and look of the material as it is perfect to work with; Velvet is such an intricately constructed fabric that all types of cuts and styles look great in velvet, and it just increases its charm. Since the material is on the rise now, the market has various items, including designer ones. 

Since velvet was popular with nobles, it gives regal vibes to the wearer even nowadays. Not only does it make you overall look more sophisticated, but it looks good with minimal accessories and all footwear. Just throw on a pink velvet dress with some sandals or boots, add a necklace, and you are ready to conquer thousands of hearts.


How is velvet created?

The history of velvet is a pillar to the current status of the material. However, its cost and quality still surprise people. The material (especially the good quality ones) is softer than any other clothing material and feels exquisite just by touching it.

Velvet fabrics can come from a wide array of materials, which also determines the quality of the final product. Much effort and resources go into work to achieve such quality. The basic process to create velvet, however, is by spinning it on a two-layer loom. This loom can turn two layers of fabric at once and is used to make velvet.

Pure velvet follows the vertical yarn pattern and is the best quality velvet. Its silk variants are also quite popular with people. Velvet’s cheaper variant is velveteen, which comes pretty close to velvet. The only difference between the two is that velveteen gets mixed with cotton. Aside from a slight variation in quality and feel, it is pretty similar.

Velvet Dresses and Accessories

With the rising demand for velvet dresses recently, the supply of these dresses has also increased substantially over the years. You can now find unique and stylish velvet dresses than ever. It is not difficult to get one, both online or in the market. With the festive season of the new year approaching, you can go for a classy look with a velvet dress.

No type of dress would not look stunning with velvet as its fabric. Moreover, the best part about having a velvet dress is that it fits all styles perfectly. You prefer bodycon dresses to show off your curves; you can find a lovely velvet variant. You like flowy gowns to give off a more elegant look; you can find those in velvet. 

No matter what style you prefer in your dresses, you can find it in velvet too. Since the fabric looks so exquisite and perfect, it suits every type of dress and body shape. It is no wonder that people rocked velvet dresses in the festive season.


Most people hesitate from buying such exquisite materials because regular days are not occasions enough to wear them. But the festive season is truly the ideal time to rock a beautiful velvet dress and show off its charisma. 

In the festive season, with the many functions and occasions people attend, such luxurious dresses look perfect with the atmosphere. They are the time when you can step up your fashion game and truly shine. No matter what style of dress you choose, its velvet fabric will lift the design and increase the overall charm of the outfit.

Apart from just dresses, many people also rocked various velvet accessories and footwear. Velvet is not a gender-specific fabric, and many other genders rocked it through all sorts of clothing and accessories. 

Velvet shone and stood out in the 2020 festive season, especially around Christmas. And we can expect it to shine even more in this festive season. If you miss out on the latest hit in the fashion industry, do try out a velvet dress for your next festive or even social occasion. You will definitely wow your friends and family with a classy yet fun look.


Velvet is the new go-to material for dresses, especially dresses for parties and special occasions. The exquisite nature of the fabric makes it ideal for people of all body types. 

With all the variety in colors, designs, and sizes, you will have no trouble finding a velvet dress that is perfect for you. You, too, can purchase one to wear at your next get-together for a new and stunning look.