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Do you need a disco fashion?

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70’s is often termed as the era of being carefree and fashionable. A lot of trends came into presence during this time. Disco, bell bottoms, polka dots are few such gifts of the 70’s era. This was the time, when we got to know about Beatles, Ziggy stardust and the dreaded cold war. Amidst the chaos and turmoil in the world political scene, there was a lot of rebel and new talent that was spotted in the horizon.

One such gift of the 70’s was to the musical world. It was the introduction of a new genre called disco. This era was musically inclined- there was Bee Gees belting out “How Deep is our love ?” on one hand and the Disco fever ruling was ruling the night scene. Naturally, the disc fever also left a deep impact on the fashion world.

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The Onset of Disco fashion With the origin of the disco genre. The fashion world was also gifted the disco fashion. This was a fashion scene that dominated the nightlife if the United States in the 70’s. This was considered to be an urban and trendy fashion if that time and was associated with glamorous one’s. Women wearing this fashion were known to wear sheer dresses, long flowing dresses, Halston dresses, flared pants and so on.

It was also the era of Flower power and the fashion clothes and seamless shapewear had a rebel like and glamorous look about them.
What was 70’s disco fashion? The era of 70’s is associated with crazy over the top disco inspired fashion. The era is inspired by discotheques and is an accumulation of various trends that prevailed in the 60’s and ruled that era.

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The disco culture was an accumulation of drag queen fashion, hippy fashion and so on. All these things together have resulted into a new and different fashion. The Men’s disco fashion was seen in various nightclubs in the US like Studio 54, Xenon, Funhouse and Palace in Paris. Since, disco music is supposed to be loud and glaring the fashion associated with this time the clothes are loud and bright as if screaming for attention.

The 70’s fashion was influenced by work wear and street fashion. It was all about wearing casual yet fashionable clothes that never go out of style. This led to the emerging trend of wearing denim to work and sporting a short at night. This was also the time to go overboard and live a larger than life image.

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As a result, many men were seen wearing wrap dresses. Men were seen sporting hairstyles, accessories and overall silhouettes and so on. This was also the time of “free love” where people were seen wearing and sporting dramatic clothes and wearing everything with pride. What was 80’s disco fashion like?

Just like the 70’s a part of the 80’s was also influenced by disco fashion and accessories. This was the era when the look and clothes got a bit accentuated and a lot more colours and bling’s was added to them. In
terms of your colours a lot of shiny neon colour clothes were worn by the fashionistas. The colour that dominated the entire fashion scene was the Gold colour.

  1. Choose the right fabric to create the look. We mean a lot of leather, latex and so on to create
    the revel look.
  2. A mini skirt or mini dress is the most appropriate disco dress that people use to flaunt in that
  3. Browse through the 70’s and 80’s catalogue and find various kinds of casual accessories that
    they used to accentuate the clothes
  4. Cat suit gained fame during this phase. So, opt for a nice fitted cat suit that will accentuate your
  5. Hot pants gained popularity during this phase. The hot pants were a huge sensation then and is
    still preferred by women to replicate the disco look.
  6. You cannot talk about disco look and not mention the bell bottoms. This is an absolute must
    during that season.
  7. Sequins, shiny material, slimy touch fabrics and so on can be used extensively to recreate the
    disco look.
  8. When we talk about shoes the one shoe that absolutely ruled that era are the platform shoes.
    They are edgy and gave a height to the women who choose to wear them.
  9. In terms of hair trends long and straight hair completed the disco look. The idea was to sport a thick and good mane of hair that one could accessorize with various kinds of hair bands and bandanas to create a funky look.
  10. Here are some fascinating and key take always for Women’s disco fashion that ruled the disco era. Disco era was the era of music, fun, frolic and partying. The fashion that was created during this era was
    one that replicated the mood of that time. The clothes were screaming for attention, casual and party like. The fashion was concentrated on the youngsters and the clothes were comfortable to wear.


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