Essentials Of Finding The Right Swimwear

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Planning a day out at the beach but you are dreading over the time you will spend buying a swimsuit that is right for you?  We totally understand that struggle. 

After all, it is never that easy to find the right kind of outfit for yourself when there is so much you should look out for when trying them on. But knowing the essentials of finding the right kind of swimwear online can be so worth it in the long run- and here are some of the ways you can find the right one for yourself too.

Wear According to Body Type 

Wearing swimwear according to your body type can help you look even better when you put them and have your best bodily features enhanced at the same time. Here are some of the body type examples that can help you understand which swimsuits you should get. 

  • Length of the Leg

If you are someone with short legs, be daring and try going for Brazilian thongs. Having high cuts in your swimwear is an effective way to give the illusion of longer legs. 

If your legs are on the longer side, go for low rising bottoms. They balance out the length of your legs and torso and give them both enough room to shine on their own. 

  • The shape of the Hip

For the pear-shaped ladies (bigger hips), it can be difficult to wear string-like and high cut bottom wear. It will make you feel uncomfortable and no one likes being stuck with a wedgie when you want to look classy. You need to balance out your figure so look for swimwear bottoms that have more coverage to cover up excessive exposure of your skin, hence high-waisted ones.

For smaller hips, try the opposite. Wear fewer coverage bottoms to show some extra skin. You can also wear them in bright colors or bold patterns so that it hides out the flatness of the butt.  

  • Size of the Bust 

Women with a bigger bust should avoid string like swimwear tops. They will dig into your flesh and hurt your shoulders. Opt for underwire swimwear tops with double stitching that will support your chest and be able to resist wear and tear. 

For the smaller bust girls, ruffles are your friends. Swimwear tops with ruffles give the illusion of a bigger chest and make your figure look equally flattering at the same time. If ruffles are not your thing, you can always insert extra padding to make your chest look bigger with a simple looking bikini. 

Wear It If You Can Bear It 

Simply buying a good looking piece of swimwear is not enough to ensure that you will have a blast on your day out at the beach. The fabric, for instance, is something you should not forget to consider. 

Imagine buying a fancy piece of swimwear and get happy about showing it off to others at the beach. But once you have it on, you realize that the material is not as good as the exterior looked like. If the fabric is too thin, it will become see-through when exposed to water and can even become baggy as soon as you enter the ocean. That is not at all appealing and you will be directing unnecessary attention towards yourself. 

Try to go for clothes from they provide you good material that support your figure like cotton, nylon or spandex. They have strong fibers and stick in a non-irritating way to the body.

Prioritize Comfort 

Not just for swimwear but this goes for every piece of clothing you invest in, remember that you should always put your comfort first over anything else. 

Sure the fabric is important to make you feel comfortable but the amount of skin it shows can also factor in how comfy you feel when you put on a particular piece of swimwear. Basically, even if the fabric is great, you will still not feel comfortable wearing it unless it is covering the places you do not want others to take notice of. 

Comfortable swimwear is essential as the more comfortable you are when wearing it, the more it will boost your self-esteem and self-confidence. Thus, you will be at your finest self as you walk around the beach in your glamorous swimwear. 

Sensitive Skin 

Sometimes sunscreen is not enough to ensure that the skin is protected at all times from the harsh UV rays of the sunlight. Some people suffer from extremely sensitive skin which is easily affected by the sun’s exposure. 

People with such skin types often struggle to find the right type of swimwear that can protect their skin- at least in places where they do not want the sun to excessively harm their skin. Luckily, the best solution for these people is to opt for a rash guard and luckily, you can find them to be quite attractive on one’s body. 

Bodyguards have started to come in better than ever-stylish designs so that people do not have to feel as if they are more plain looking as compared to the ladies in their bikinis. So you don’t have to worry about sacrificing your style for the sake of protecting your skin any longer.   

Watch Your Back…..Literally 

After trying it on once and looking at the mirror at how good it looks, most people tend to buy that swimwear thinking it’s the ideal one that they are in search of. 

However, what they often forget is that just because swimwear looks good in front, does not mean that it looks equally good from behind as well. 

Whenever you are buying a swimsuit, always make sure to check how it looks like from the back. You never know if whether you have a saggy look behind or that it is showing more or less skin than you want it too. If you cannot find a swimsuit that looks great from the front or the back, find a piece with which you can compromise on the back or front.  

Don’t Forget a Cover-Up 

There is so much you can do at a beach party; sunbathe, swim, eat at a nearby restaurant or just play volley. Sometimes doing all of that in your swimsuit won’t be all that suitable which is why you should consider carrying a cover-up with you. 

Cover-ups work well with any body type and also come in various styles and designs, which give you a large variety to choose from. Plus, if you are not comfortable with the swimwear you have on, you can easily change into your cover-up and still enjoy your day at the beach. You can also wear it while you are at a restaurant and take it off when you want to take a dip into the ocean as well. Pretty convenient right? 


So, whether you are in desperate need of a vacation or you are just planning your perfect spring break outfit, we hope that you have gotten the guidance accordingly. Finding the perfect one is difficult, not possible but following the above-mentioned tips might be beneficial for your journey.