Everything You Need To Know About Goth Aesthetic.


Originated from the 70s music in the UK and specifically from the post-punk subculture, the Gothic movement is quite diverse and heterogeneous, however, all of its representatives, to one degree or another, can be acknowledged by an especial gloomy and dark image, of course, by an interest in gothic music, mysticism, «black» and cynical humor, grim films and horror literature. The tastes in music as well as in cinematography and literature can differ from one individual to another and be very unique and special. For all of you who want to learn or gain inspiration, we can advise getting to know some voices in a variety of music genres desirable for the Goth aesthetic. For example, there are Goth-rock and Deathrock, Etherealwave and Darkwave genres. When it comes to post-punk and it`s aesthetic, it’s important to remember that while all goth rock is post-punk, not all post-punk is goth. Essentially, Goth is a complex and nuanced subculture that encompasses music, fashion, and, most importantly, a way of life.

Fashion in the Goth aesthetic can be described as dark, ghastly and stylishly grim. Outfit styles and its` elements can be borrowed from punk and cyber-punk fashion, as well as Victorian, Edwardian, and Elizabethan aesthetics, which can all be found in Goth designs and components. They can have a completely different approach to the aesthetic that it may seem like they belong to separate subcultures, but here you have the charm and beauty of this – in all its complexity and variations it is still Goth, true to its wondrous self. As you can see the Goth aesthetic is extremely versatile and can appeal to a wide range of tastes.

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Dyed in many different colors hair, dark Goth aesthetic make up and dark clothing are all very distinguished traits of said aesthetic. Both masculine and feminine clothing can consist of dark eyeliner and nail polish often black for the comprehensiveness and versatility of the color. But mostly there is the evident predominance of black color for obvious reasons which can be an easy goal to achieve when creating a Goth aesthetic picture.

Like punk ones, Goth aesthetic clothes and accessories can be self-made and be all about DIY and thrifting. Secondhand black clothes, handmade jewelry, tore up or fishnet tights and jeans, leather jackets and coats with patches, pins and all sorts of attributes and memorabilia are some of the essentials that can be build up by anyone. Many vintage dresses can contain the desirable Goth vibe in them, whether by a silhouette, color or «fitting» details such as transparent pieces, lace elements or even corsets (or the fake ones). But you can also assemble the outfit from any clothes you feel the need to choose, expensive or not. You can create a Goth outfit even without the Goth aesthetic clothes specifically labelled as «goth» and probably come up with an extremely beautiful look. Combining elements from both past and modern styles into one cohesive outfit that highlights how dashing Goth fashion can be in your interpretation.