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Fashion and it’s Social Agenda: How Fashion Impact Society

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Fashion is a multi-billion dollar industry that impacts society in many ways. One way it does this is through social agendas. What are the social agendas of fashion?

This blog post discusses the social agenda of fashion.

The social agendas that fashion has on individuals are often manifested through consumerism and identity formation. For example, haute couture items such as designer clothes have a higher price point because they represent success in the society that can be purchased with money; similarly, people who wear specific clothing brands or styles may identify themselves as belonging to certain groups off what they wear.

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Fashion impacts society by looking at two of the most important aspects; socioeconomic status, which was a large factor in what people wore until the twentieth century. Secondly, we’ll look at diversity in fashion, as it has become more accepted since designers started to make clothing available for everyone’s budget.

We’re going to start with economic status because that is where this story began back when clothes were created solely for those who could afford them. For example, if someone wanted a new outfit or they wanted something different from what everyone else wears – then fashion serves as their way to express themselves through clothes. Because of this idea, throughout history, fashion has often been a means for the wealthy to showcase their status.

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Fashion also affects society by impacting culture – for instance, when 2017’s “It” shoe was released it led to many knock-offs being sold so that consumers could part take in this trend while still saving some money. In addition to these two points about how fashion impacts individuals, there is also an environmental impact (i.e. the clothing that is created and then disposed of improperly).)

The world has changed greatly over time with technology; however, one thing remains constant: people are always looking at how others dress. Whether someone wants a new outfit or they want something different from what everyone else wears, fashion serves as their way to express themselves through clothes.

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Nowadays, the fashion industry is booming. There are so many different types of people who work in this field from designers to models and stylists. This means that there is a large opportunity for those looking to break into the industry by finding their niche or skill set which can make them stand out among other applicants. The only barrier might be money because it takes money to create new clothing designs as well as hire models; however, with hard work just about anything is possible!

Regardless if you have enough money for designer items or not – you can dress the way you want. From the beginning of fashion’s history, clothes were created with a certain socioeconomic status in mind; however, that changed over time when designers wanted to create clothing that would suit the person’s style and not their financial situation.

This gave rise to ready-to-wear clothing, which was created for consumers of all social standings – this allowed people with different socioeconomic statuses to wear the same clothes as one another. This also led to boutiques popping up in cities wherein designers could sell their own designs without needing a huge store or expensive marketing campaign; they just needed enough money for materials!

In recent years there has been an increase in fashion startups giving customers more options when it comes to shopping locally while maintaining sustainable business practices and ethical production methods. There are even initiatives like Fashion Revolution that work toward making sure workers’ rights are respected by local factories that produce fast fashion garments for large retailers around the world.

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