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Fashion is all about how a person carries himself. Fashion is not finite with any gender. Both men and women have a decent, stylish, elegant and classy way of carrying clothes and accessories they are wearing. Fashion moreover keeps on changing with seasons, fabric and occasion one wants to be in. each year and season introduces to a new fashion look. Many clothing brands whether national and international have a discrete way of collections they introduce each season. 

As far as women fashion is concerned, even wearing heels and flats with skirts, traditional wearing, western dressing, etc has a distinct way. One heel cannot be worn with each dress. The same is the case with bangles, earrings, necklaces, etc. To look decent and elegant, one has to give proper thought to dressing and accessories while wearing. Moreover, men fashion includes dressing whether traditional, western along with accessories, etc. Each dressing has specified shoe sense, socks, stud, and caps, etc. both men and women have personalized looks but this is the celebrity fashion most of them follow. Many fashion clothing and the accessory brand also do celebrity marketing to increase demand for the product and ultimately the supply.

Jewelry including necklace, bracelets, bangles, rings, and earrings wearing sense adds grace to the dressing. In jewelry, earrings are the essence of all as they finish the wearing and fashion sense. Just by changing earrings in the jewelry one can update her fashion look. Earrings have different types generally including studs, small-sized, large-sized, tops, rings, straight, tassels and ear cuffs, drop, chandelier style and hugger earrings. Statement earrings in this regard are making a comeback in new fashion look this year. They are big in size, bright in colors, intimated in look with stone and beads and tassels embedment in them. 

Earrings according to the texture, color, etc. are available in different designs in the market and online. As far as the color is concerned, earrings are available in each of them according to the dress design. But the signature colors include silver earrings and golden with ravishing designs. Many of the big day’s collections are also specified in these two colors because of the grace they have. Sometimes the base color of the earring is either silver or gold with multi-colored beads and designs in it.


As described above earrings are available in different varieties but the more recent and elegant ones include:

Shells and specie designs

Expensive and branded jewelry collections have introduced earrings of frogs, elephant, and peacock and tortoise designs. These earrings are available in different colors embellished with beads and stones. The earrings are sometimes shoulder length as well. Shells and beads mixture is available in the market and is in much demand. Ladies match this stuff with the embellishments of their clothes as well.

Resin art earrings

Solid in design, hard on the surface are the resin art earrings that are widely in demand. These are available in floral designs, artistic painting, and scenery designs, etc. these are made of mixing resin and hardener to get the desired design.

Chains design

The never-ending fashion includes chain design earrings that are also available in each color. Sometimes only one layer of chain and sometimes 8-10 layer chain design earring are available. They also have different settings including straight hanging chains or in circular directions. The signature chain design includes a flower with 506 downward hanging chains that look quite elegant with skirts.

Ear cuffs

Ear cuffs are the new addition in the jewelry wardrobe of females. Before that females use to wear 3-4 studs in one year and now one ear cuff covering the whole ear is more common and trendy in look. This also is embedded with beads normally of different designs that can be changed with the dress color as well. They are also available in specie designs or simply the flower design, etc.


Evergreen in fashion is the stud earrings that add the royal look to an outfit. Studs small in size implanted with stones, beads are available in different designs. They are worn with stoppers at the other corner of the ear making it fixable. They are available in precious stones including diamonds, ruby, silver, and sapphire, etc. The stone, however, is chosen by the lucky stone of the person as well. Studs are especially worn with short skirts, overcoats, frocks, etc.


Common for casual wearing and also for the occasional wearing, huggers are the preferable choices of women. Huggers are weird by all ages of women. These types of earrings are worn in pierced ears. Huggers are comfortable to wear as well and are not extraordinary bigger.

Fancy chandelier earrings

 Generally in the South Asian region, chandelier earrings are common with wedding and traditional fancy wear.  These earrings are the combination of beads and stones tied together in different designs. A huge variety of colors is also available whether in mono-tone or dual-tone or multi-colored stones. Women like to wear these with skirts of all sizes. These earrings are spotted to be wear by many actresses in award shows as well.

Contradiction earrings

Weird in looks but trendy in fashion are the mismatched and contradiction earrings for both ears. Same in type that can be huggers, chandeliers and ear cuffs, etc. but different in designs are seen to be wear by different fashion models in ramp walks. These are also carried in different theme shows.

Pearls fashion

Pearls are always in fashion when it comes to decency while dressing. Pearls of different colors are also used in embellishments of clothing and jewelry both. Pearl inserted earrings are expensive jewelry wearing wear by royal, classy traditional families and whoever wants to add grace to the look.

The important point is that fashion artificial jewelry of each metal or type is more affordable to the general public than of gold, etc. the pair of earrings is preferable for the gift as well.  Moreover, the other benefit of the above-defined earrings material and type is that it affordably changes the look of a girl. While gold designs cannot be changed more often due to their expensiveness. Professionals along with housewives prefer wearing earrings over any other jewelry. The reason moreover is the comfort and no possible distraction earrings possibly could offer. 


Carrying clothes, jewelry, accessories all together decently and elegantly is called fashion. Fashion, more importantly, keeps on changing with seasons and years, etc. jewelry in ladies adds the finishing to the final look. In jewelry, earrings are not to be missed. They are available in different elegant designs and of types in the shopping marts and online. Additionally, silver and gold earrings are the signature colors of designer and expensive jewelry.