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Fashion tips for students

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If you were a student or a teenager, you might need this: It’s gonna answer most of the questions about fashion tips in teenagers. Let’s jump in!

If you were Vietnamese you would like to visit the Fashion tips category, or you can use a translator.

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How to wear a uniform more beautiful and attractive (fashion tips that help you looks better at school):

About school uniforms (most important): 

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Make sure that your clothes fit you.

Make sure that it’s very clean.

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The influence of hairstyle

Chose the hottest hairstyle in your country, your city,…

Don’t use too much wax if you are going to school.

Footwear is so important.

That is the most attractive things make you different.

They don’t have to be so expensive but make sure they are good enough.

Use trendy and fashionable jacket for you

There are so many different kinds of jackets, coaches in the world. Chose one type that fits you in the first place.

Should you have a tattoo in your teenage?

You have to think about it deeply. It will stick with you to the rest of your life.

However,  if you like it, get one!

Tips: Make sure that you like it enough, understand the meaning.

How to treat puberty acne: the definitive guide

There are two main factors: Outside and Inside (50/50)

Inside: Make sure that you have a good diet.

Don’s stay up late

Drink lots of water

Eat fruits

Outside: Using cosmetics.

Don’t touch your skin for any reason.

Use BHA, AHA, sunscreen.

How to become hotter at school

There are plenty of things you have to do:

Become handsome, beautiful.

Have a special talent.

Build positive relationships.

And a lot more

If you are really interested in developing yourself, make money,… For a better life, visit nghethuatsong.org regularly. I will share my knowledge, experience and collected.

If you are not confident and want to change yourself, your style. I found a very interesting site talk about fashion but in Vietnamese. 

So if you are Vietnamese you should visite Nghệ Thuật Sống. There are 4 main categories: Finance tips, Fashion tips, Relationships, Student tips. They’re all written for young people, teenagers and especially students. This site will help you to develop yourself to have a better life.

There are some topics that you may interest in such as:

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10 Tips to study more effectively!

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How to come on with a girl/boy that you like?

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How to be a hilarious person?


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