Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Finding the Right Shoes for a Bride-to-be

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For the bride, weddings require a lot of activity which begins by walking down the aisle. After the ceremony, she usually walks around, taking pictures and dances during the reception. For that reason, shoes play a crucial role in making sure that the bride remains comfortable throughout the whole event. 

Picking wedding shoes can be quite overwhelming, especially with the hundreds of varieties available. However, certain types of shoes are known to be the go-to picks by most brides because of the comfort and style that they give. Here are the top picks of shoe types for brides on their wedding day. 

Best types of shoes for weddings

  • Wedges 

When it comes to a mix of comfort and styles, wedges remain to be the most popular pick for wedding shoes. It is the more stable option as compared to a stiletto which can be quite tricky to walk with, especially for those not used to wearing heels. With wedges, the bride can lengthen her legs without any discomfort. 

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Wedges are usually worn by brides if their weddings are during the spring or summer. More often than not, there are various beautiful designs of wedges that will make a bride opt for a shorter dress so that the shoes are visible.

  • Pumps

Much like wedges, pumps are another alternative for brides who have a hard time getting used to stilettos. With an added cushion under the toes, brides would not have to worry about spraining their ankles. Pumps can reach up to 10 inches high, which is why it helps elongate the body and make the bride look tall. 

  • Open-toed Wedding Shoe
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Open-toed shoes, in general, exude a touch of femininity. It usually is picked by brides who wanted to go for an elegant and classic feel. Frequently, silver is the top colour choice for an open-toed wedding shoe.

  • Flats

For a cuter, more fun, and highly comfortable pick, flats will always come to mind. This type of wedding shoe is popular among those having a beach or garden wedding. As flats allow optimal movement and carefree disposition, without a doubt, brides will experience no sore feet after the wedding day. 

  • Bridal Sneakers

For a youthful and unique approach, sneakers have slowly become a norm at weddings. It is quite funny though that most brides who have long gowns wear sneakers as they walk down the aisle. Sneakers are the best way to avoid blunders while walking, especially when the bride is not used to wearing heels. 

Choosing the right shoe

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In getting the right wedding shoe, what matters in the end, is the bride‚Äôs comfort and preference. Despite all the fiasco about shoes and gowns, the ultimate goal is to provide the bride with the best wedding possible. As such, she must choose however she pleases so long as she is comfortable with her selection. 

The fact that shoes can make or break an ordinary day means that it can also make a wedding excellent or bad. Brides are busy during the wedding, so it is crucial to make sure that her feet are comfortable throughout. Besides, brides can even change their footwear from time to time so that she remains comfortable until the end of the day.

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