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Getting The Most Cash Out Of Your Used Designer Handbags

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Looking good in society is key to the image you want to portray towards others. Some of us like to dress with style and choose to pick different labels to help us feel special. Accessories are key to dressing up a style and making it complete. As styles change, so do needs. Sometimes we want to get a new handbag for variety in our wardrobe. After collecting many types of handbags with expensive names, you may want to sell them to others to use. The money you collect can be placed towards new items in your wardrobe. To get the most from the used designer handbag it is important to consider a few aspects. Make sure the bag is in good condition, clean the handbag to the best of your ability so that others can enjoy it, learn how to effectively and carefully photograph the bag(s), and know your market and where to sell it.

Condition And Repair

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Before selling your used handbags, consider the condition they are in. Are the bags brand new? Are there any stretches? Used handbags can sometimes show the wear very effectively. Designer handbags are made with higher quality material to last a bit longer. The materials used to create these bags are usually authentic materials that can be damaged.

Leather can be stretched and worn throughout the years and when the elements play on the material. Vinyl purses can be scratched and sometimes peel.  Making repairs to these designer bags can sometimes be done easily with the help of a sewing machine. Consider if this repair is going to alter your resale ability. If this will change the condition of your used handbag negatively, you may choose not to repair it. Be open and honest about the imperfection upfront when the item is listed and be prepared for you price to reflect it.

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Cleanliness Is Important

Clean up your used designer handbags as well as possible. Check the lining on the inside of the bag to make sure that there is no discoloration. Are there any marks from ink pens or makeup? If so, work as hard as you can to remove them and restore back to original condition. Wipe of the used handbag so it is not dusty from sitting in a storage location. Make sure the outside of the purse is not sticky or does not have any film on it. After cleaning the bag it is important to keep it in this condition until it sells. You want it as close to the day you bought it as possible

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Carefully Photograph The Bag

Photographing a product to sell can be fun. Effectively showing the item in use can help it sell better. Someone who searches will expect to see any new products and hopefully some used. At first glance, the photos should not appear differently. Ask a friend to dress up and hold the bag in their hand and photograph them walking. Show it in action and be used. Make sure to use your used designer handbags to do this. Carefully show all the angles of the bag and focus in on any unique features that the bag has to offer. Showing the inside lining of the bag and any compartments helps the potential buyer see what it has to offer. Over photograph your bags and present them to potential buyers. Have additional photos available for those customers that ask. Buyers want to see what they are getting and not be misled. Your customer is the most important part of this sale and you want to make sure they are satisfied.

Know Your Prospective Market

Not everyone can afford to purchase designer handbags. While these names appeal to most people and they are known for their luxury, it is hard for some people to attain them. Even used, some customers that will view your used bag for sale will never be able to purchase it. Designer handbags appeal to those that are more affluent and have a higher disposable income. Someone who makes a mere twenty thousand dollars for disposable income will be highly unlikely to search for authentic gucci handbags for sale. Selling your used handbag for a competitive price may obtain a larger market than a brand new bag. Search around a bit online before posting your bag to see where the market is and list your used handbags respectively. Position your bags to sell and sell quickly.

Understand Where To Sell The Bag

Selling your handbags that are used brings about some challenges. There are multiple venues to sell products to customers. Online actions are among some of the most popular available and they reach the largest variety of customers. Understand that this platform can become highly competitive to be the highest bidder. Another option is to place a set price and offer your bag to prospective consumers as a buy now option. 

If you’re considering selling the items quickly, there are local online garage sale sites available. Usually you will have to price your used handbags for a little bit lower price and expect a large number of hits. If technological options don’t suit you, there are always consignment shops and classic face-to-face garage sales. Sell it where it works for you and get the value you want from the item.

Whether it be that you’re updating your collection or wanting just to get rid of your used designer bags, a little education is important. Not everyone is looking to purchase these items and understanding the market of those that are is important. Cleaning up the bag on the inside and outside can help to sell the bag and retain its like new condition. Photographing the bag just right plays a key role in how it is presented. The prospective buyer can see it “in action” and place themselves in the role of a model in the picture. 

Understanding the platforms available to sell these bags is important as well. Selling used designer handbags can be challenging and also a long process. With the right techniques and some dedication, this process becomes easier. Sell these bags so that they can get more use and a new life. Use the profits to benefit your life or simply re-invest into new designer bags of your choice.

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