Girls’ Swimwear With Pockets: Practical And Stylish Options

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Swimwear is an essential outfit if you’ll be swimming for long hours. Over the years, designers have mastered creating styles that match every personality and body type. From floral stripes to animal-printed designs, and swimwear with pockets—name them all. 

Looking stylish is all in the details. It includes color, fabric, and comfort. Depending on your style and preference, there’s no doubt you’ll look chic with the perfect swimwear that suits your body and feel most comfortable. You must checkout as they have a wide range of stylish swimwears which will boost up your confidence and you will definitely love to wear them.

It’s true for ladies of any age, so if you’re shopping for girls’ swimwear, below are practical and stylish options:

1. Bikini Swim Set

If your tween girl is comfortable being in a two-piece swimsuit, you can look into some bikini swim sets. Of course, make sure that it won’t show too much and is something she feels safe wearing.

Bikini swim sets are comfortable to swim in. She can swim for hours without feeling uncomfortable. Additionally, some bikini bottoms have small pockets you want to choose over plain ones. 

The beauty of swimwear is its lightweight material. When going for a bikini swimsuit, choose one from polyester material. Even though she’ll be in the water, her clothes won’t get waterlogged.

It’s essential to choose a bikini that’s her right fit. It’s best to accompany her when shopping for a swimsuit. This way, she’ll get to try it on. If this isn’t possible, you can shop online on websites like Justice for the best swimwear col for the best swimwear collection for girl section for girls.

2. Sporty One Piece 

You can buy her more sophisticated swimwear like a sporty one-piece when she’s mastered her swimming skills and can participate in competitions. The sporty one-piece is advantageous for younger girls who need an easy-to-wear outfit that doesn’t require assistance getting on. Its designs include long sleeves, V-necks, or round necks. Some also have an open-back design that ties in with a dainty bow. 

You can also opt for a one-piece with a rash guard to protect her skin from sunburn and abrasions, especially if she’ll be swimming in the ocean. Additionally, some rash guards have pockets, which is good if your girl needs them to store her swim goggles or cap.

3. Tankini Swimsuit

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Nothing says chic more than a tankini swimsuit. They cut across all boards since girls at any age can rock them. They’re commonly known for their floral designs. However, swimwear lines have different designs available, like stripes, gradient patterns, or even just plain colors.

While at it, you may want to try a patterned lace-up tankini swim set with pockets. It comes as a two-piece with a top that has a lace finish. The bottom has a thin waistband, making it comfortable and practical swimwear for your girl. You can find tankinis of different designs at

4. Wetsuits

If you’re going on vacation, wetsuits could be the most appropriate swimwear if you’d want your girl to swim in the ocean. Additionally, they help insulate her body if she wants to learn how to dive. Their significant selling point is the unique whole-body cover design. The advantage of wetsuits is that they offer protection from the sun. This way, she doesn’t get sunburns. 

Their stylish colors and different patterns make them outstanding. You may want to consider wetsuits with pockets along the thighs, which can act as storage if she wants to collect tiny seashells by the beach.

5. High-Waisted Swim Set

The high-waist swim set includes a top and a bottom. Because of the high waistband, the bottom is slightly bigger. This gives them enough room to have pockets. Additionally, this design is a good pick for girls who aren’t comfortable showing too much of their skin. 

When choosing a high waistband swimwear, go for one made from comfortable fabric such as polyester mixed with spandex. Your girl can go for hours in the water without discomfort from the material. 

6. Board Shorts

When choosing swimwear, one essential fashion factor to consider is comfort. This swimwear is best for your girl if she’s into water activities like surfing. The shorts are practical because of their length, with some even having pockets. 

Your girl can wear a rash guard on top or a bikini or tankini top to match the shorts. Board shorts are also a good choice for active girls who love running around, as it protects their modesty and avoids possible wardrobe malfunction.

7. Romper Swimsuit 

Girls’ romper swimsuits are the real deal regarding swimwear with pockets. They’re available in two designs: a bikini and a short bottom. The short-bottom rompers are the most likely to have pockets, and what’s great about them is that they’re breathable both in and out of the water.


Girls’ swimwear has evolved to a new level to look trendy and stylish. Ensure you also choose swimwear that your girl feels comfortable in. You can go for the ones with pockets, as they’re practical and would be the perfect pick for a beach day with your kids. Lastly, pick the right size to ensure her comfort and safety.