Glamorous Peyton List Feet

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Peyton List is one of the most glamorous young actresses in Hollywood. Peyton has a long list of movies and TV shows under her belt, including “The Tomorrow People” and “Arrow.” Peyton also starred as Emma Ross on Disney Channel’s hit show “Jessie” for four seasons, where she was nominated for two Kids’ Choice Awards. Peyton is only 20 years old and has accomplished so much! But there are some things you might not know about Peyton List feet:

1) Peyton once had to wear orthotic inserts due to plantar fasciitis

2) Peyton wears a size 7 shoe

3) Peyton often goes barefoot when she can

4) Peyton has a shoe collection that she is proud of

5) Peyton had to wear John Fluevog shoes because they were the only ones in her size

Even though Peyton List feet are pedicured and polished, she would rather go barefoot when possible. Peyton has even been photographed wearing flip flops with a dress! No wonder Peyton is so elegant and glamorous.

6) Peyton has a love for fashion

The Peyton List feet are one of the most beautiful parts of Peyton’s body. She is often photographed in high heels, designer clothing and jewellery that accentuates her beauty. Peyton loves to wear makeup and sometimes wears an ankle bracelet on one leg with towering stilettos!

7) Peyton is worth millions

Peyton List feet are valued at $ million and Peyton has a lot to show for it. Peyton’s shoe collection alone exceeds the price of many homes! Peyton isn’t all about expensive shoes, though; she loves clothes, makeup and jewellery just as much. Peyton has even been photographed wearing her diamond necklace with shorts and sneakers!

8) Peyton’s Favorite shoes

Peyton loves to wear high heels, but she also has a collection of sneakers and flats. Peyton is rarely seen in the same shoe two days in a row! Peyton could never go without her signature Christian Louboutin ankle boots either – they’re just too beautiful! Peyton even owns an army-green pair that are her go-to shoes to wear when she’s sick in bed.

9) Peyton’s Favorite Fashion

Peyton loves to keep up with the latest trends, but she has a few staples that are always on her list. Peyton is known for wearing designer brands like Gucci and Chanel – and of course lots of Dolce & Gabbana! Peyton also knows how to rock an outfit from head-to-toe, from her Oakley Aviator sunglasses to a classic pair of Nike Air Jordans. Peyton’s favourite fashion accessory is the Chanel bag, which she has in every colour!

10) Peyton’s Signature Look

Peyton has learned a lot from working on Disney Channel shows and movies, but Peyton always goes back to her roots for inspiration. Peyton likes to wear “her favourite G-Star jean shorts with an old black T-shirt she got in high school”. Peyton also adores the look of a classic denim button-up with a pair of shorts, and Peyton always wears her hair in a high ponytail. Peyton’s style is casual yet put-together; “I like to think that my look – from head to toe – can be created at any mall you walk into”.

11) Peyton List Style Tips

Peyton lists these three tips for looking stylish:

Wear clothes you feel like yourself in. Peyton has learned that “not everyone can carry off a dress, while others might be able to rock the same outfit with sneakers”. Peyton likes her style because she knows what she does and doesn’t look good in, but Peyton feels every woman should know their own body well enough to do the same.

Peyton says “you can never have too many pairs of jeans” – her favourite style is high-waisted black skinny jeans with ankle boots, and Peyton suggests that every woman should find their perfect pair and then buy it in three other colours so they always look put together pairs of shorts (either distressed or high-waisted), Peyton thinks every woman should have at least one white tank top.” Peyton also suggests that women wear a sports bra underneath sheer tops for support.

Peyton says “never underestimate the power of a blowout” and claims to wash her hair twice, put in a leave-in conditioner, use dry shampoo before heading out for the day, and then use a hair oil when she gets home. Peyton always wears her hair down but says she really likes to style it up with braids or buns on occasion.

Peyton lists “red lips” as one of her favourite things and says they can take any look from simple to glamourous in seconds.” Peyton also suggests that women don’t forget to add a little shimmer on their cheeks and lips for the ultimate finishing touch.

Peyton says she’s not into gloss because it feels too heavy, but loves when her makeup looks dewy – “it gives my skin life”. Peyton recommends using lip scrub in place of soap before bed if you’re finding your lips are dry and chapped.

Peyton List says “I never leave the house without a face mask on” – it’s become her go-to last-minute beauty routine because, even if she gets home late, she can put one on for five minutes before bed and wake up with better skin in the morning.” Peyton recommends using an oil-based moisturizer, like Aesop’s Facial Oil. Peyton says she prefers a translucent powder and doesn’t use any other facial oils because of her dry skin type.