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Customers like to buy handbags and purses which are intriguing. With the right size and color selection, the material of the purse holds equal importance. If you want to make a fashion statement then consider buying a leather purse, it will give your outfit a complete look and at the same time make you look trendy. Leather purses are durable and can be styled with almost any outfit.

Here is a list of guidelines that can help you to buy a stylish leather purse.

  • Know About The Types Of Leather
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Top-quality leather is full of grains and has soft touch. The fibers found in this leather are durable and it stays in a perfect condition even after years of use. As the grade of the leather falls the softness and grains will decrease simultaneously. The shine of good quality leather increases with age, this shiny look is known as patina. When low-quality leather products are treated heavily the chances of patina decreases. Companies use scrap pieces of leather and treat them with chemicals, the leather produced by this method has very low quality. The durability of such bags and purses is very low. Make sure you do not end up buying faux leather. Read the description before buying any purse or product that claims to be made out of authentic leather.

  • Chemical Processing Phase

The price range of a leather bag is decided by the tanning process which they go through. Chrome tanned purses and bags are treated with chromium, these chemicals are tough and ultimately reduce the price of the products. Good quality leather is treated and processed by using natural dyes, most companies prefer vegetable tanning. The tan or dye is made by mixing multiple natural ingredients. With the ongoing global warming issue, people have started using eco-friendly products even more than before. Good quality leather smells classic and the ratio of patina is quite high. One sign of good quality leather purse is that they are stiff because of the long process of tanning. During the tanning phase, the purse leather is soaked in the tanning liquor for a very long time which brings a rough and stiff feel to the purse.

  •  Keep A Check On The Origin Of The Purse
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Origin matters because there are countries and places that have mastered the art of designing the best leather purses. Tanning, designing, and stitching of their purses are flawless. Some of the countries which are famous for their purses include Italy, France, and England. With the expansion of the business market and low labor rates, companies prefer to send their leather for finishing to other countries. And for the tagging and packaging phase, the purses are bought back in the country. Brands who do this try to earn more by selling low-quality leather by just labeling it with a country famous for making purses. Always buy a leather purse from a renowned place. Some top brands who are famous for their leather purses deliver their products worldwide. This will cost you a bit but you will not have to worry about the quality of the product. Many reputable countries that have made their mark in the leather business have their stores around the world. You can personally visit these stores to have a closer look at the manufacturing details of purses. 

  •  Purse Accessories And Color

The accessories or hardware that is attached to the purse should also have good quality. If these small parts have a low hardware quality they will affect the look of your purse. The buckles, handles, zippers, and shoulder strap fittings must be examined before purchasing leather purses. Low-quality hardware loses color within a short span of time. Leather purses and bags usually come in light brown, black, and dark brown. Office bags made out of leather are mostly in black and dark brown color. Zippers are an important part of a purse, metal zippers will last longer as compared to plastic ones. Tan and light brown leather purses can go with any formal or casual wear. If you are looking for a safe option and want your purse to go with all outfits then black is the right color. If you like the funky look then there are leather purses available in contrasting colors. Clean your leather purse from time to time, you can use a leather cleaner for this purpose. Some online store websites have videos of the whole process of making leather purses.

  • Style Statement

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Everyone has their own style statement, and it depends on how you carry your leather purse. The right design, the perfect color, and the size of the purse are what make a purse look trendy. In the end, your confidence helps you to make a powerful statement. There are brands that exclusively design purses for causal use. And the high price of a leather purse does not mean that it has the best leather, search the market if you are looking for a genuine leather purse. A little investment can get you the best quality purse. If you love designs that have a minimal look and have a vintage feel then you will find hundreds of purses with that look. The design market today offers thousands of designs and custom made purses are popular too. You can design your own leather purse and the brand will get it ready for you. Clutches, satchels, hobo bags, and cross-body bags bring a different look when they are made out of leather. You should also consider your size and the size of your outfit before carrying any kind of purse. The right structured bag gives you a very stylish impression. Also stuffing your purse with unwanted stuff is not an attractive choice. Always keep it simple, neat, and elegant when it comes to purse collection. The occasion also matters when it comes to style statement, a leather purse with a minimal embellishment will look chic for a formal event.

The Final Word

Before buying leather purses look at all the options available in the walk-in and online stores. A leather purse with the right tan and patina will look super classy. Be aware of chemically treated leather bags, they are polished and treated so well that they look real. To save yourself from buying faux leather products, always purchase from a store that has the reputation of selling genuine leather purses. Brands and countries who have a history of good quality leather bags and purses are the right choices for buying leather purses.

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