How to Choose a Sweatshirt that Doesn’t Make You Look Sloppy

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The sweatshirt blurs the line between sportswear and fashionable garb. Traditionally, sweatshirts were seen as leisurewear, known for giving warmth and comfort during colder months. On your downtime, these are the go-to pieces for lounging. They are also the quintessential piece for sports. These items were once deemed as “sloppy” because they were usually used for relaxed settings. 

However, with the vast designs of men’s sweatshirts online, it is clear that these garments have now evolved. Modern men wear them for the office or their dates. Gone are the days wherein sweatshirts are just for “athleisure.” Now, these casual pieces have grown to be an epitome of style unto themselves. In this modern, digital world, this humble hoodie or sweater has transcended into luxurious wear. It has been so popular that even fashion designers have their own signature sweatshirt. 

If you are intent on making sweatshirts a permanent ensemble in your wardrobe, here’s what you need to remember, so you don’t veer on the side of sloppy. Check out the top 3 tips below:

Check the Fit

Whether you are choosing a zipped up sweater or a pull-over one, the fit matters the most. Avoid baggy sweatshirts that make you look like you are wearing a potato sack. The area around your shoulders must be snug for both hoodies and non-hoods.

The sides of your garment must follow the drape of your torso. If you opt for a billowy cut, you look super sloppy. Do not be a fashion “don’t.” When you pick the right cut, there is no extra fabric, ugly bunching, and unsightly bulges. 

Pick the Purpose

If you are going for your sweatshirt as outerwear, then you need a little more room. Hoodies with zippers are typically used as an outerwear piece. Make sure that the ones you pick have high-quality zippers that won’t snag on your other items. Nothing is more unsightly than a cheap-looking zipper. If you are wearing a long-sleeve shirt underneath, you want it to fit just right. Otherwise, it will feel odd to bend your arm. 

In contrast, if you are donning a jacket on top of your sweatshirt, you will need something that hugs your body. You don’t want your outerwear to create bunching. The goal is always a seamless and fluid look because this makes you look neat. With creases and folds, it seems as if you didn’t iron your clothes. 

Inspect the Material 

With so many designs of men’s sweatshirts online, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to fabric that comes in various colours, blends, and logos. While logos and colour boil down to preference, the fabric has some functionality attached to it. The original fabric blend is cotton, which is a no brainer at all because this is easy to maintain and is the most comfortable. Cotton absorbs sweat while allowing air to circulate continually. 

If you want to try different, you can opt for cotton jersey and loopback cotton for transitional seasons like spring and fall. Pick a sweatshirt that is not just sewn together at the seams. Sweater cuts that are combined by knitting last longer. A waffle knit ensures that you don’t get quick holes at the seams. A cashmere sweatshirt is a perfect example of this. It is also no wonder why cashmere is the ultimate material when it comes to exuding refinement. 

Final Word

Modern men’s fashion has undoubtedly sprung new life into ordinary sweatshirts. By mixing and matching or layering, you can now come up with a perfect sweatshirt ensemble that showcases your style. You can also play with textures, colours, and logos to find a look that will work for you.