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How to choose the best lace wig

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Today, many women and girls wear wigs. But that  they were wrong wig style will ruin your vision. If you want to buy the right rocker, you must choose the style that suits your face shape. But first you need to know what your face shape looks like. Now decide what your face shape is- Oval, round face, long face? Once you know your face shape, it will choose the best wig style for you. Please read it carefully and obtain the necessary information.

Measure your face shape and follow the instructions to choose the degree of swing-

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Take a picture and stand comfortably in front of her.

Then use a marker or soap to clean the glass. Then place the facial lines on the surface of the image.

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It all depends on the thickness and nature of the hair. With these properties, you can choose what you want to buy from these two shoelaces. The thickness of the hair indicates how thick it is. The thickness of hair you need really depends on your personal decision and the choice that is best for you.

Normal hair is different for everyone. Hair can be thinner (lighter) at the edges (hairline) and thicker (medium) on the inside. Hair can also be thickest (medium) on the edges (hairline) and thickest (striking) on ​​the inside. The following are the most popular choices for lace front wigs and full hd lace wigs.

You can also use your latest photo for this.

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Put the photo on the table. Take your drawing paper and draw our faces with a pencil.

What is your swing style?


The heart of the face has a broad forehead, a triangular chain and a horn. If you mean that, then your hair is “widow”. Straight hair is very heartwarming to them. You can also use cat stitches to make wigs. You can still get Bob Vogue also for the heart.

Multi-layer lace wig

The wide front face is considered a square face. The width of the cat is the same. If you have a square face and a strong forehead, layered wigs or short hair wigs are best for you. Therefore, in order to complete your figure, you can purchase a multi-layer lace wig. But it helps to maintain the length of the wig.

Modeling swing style:

The round face is relatively small. It is also very spacious and complete with the checkbox below. The cheeks and ears make up most of the shape of the face. If you have a round face, it is best to have long hair. This will help soften the cheeks. But avoid cuts around the chin.

Long face lace wig:

The long face is long and narrow. If you have a long face, your chin and genitals will look the same. Therefore, it simplifies the entire chain. Long beard wigs can make this face look great. You can keep your hair sandy and fluffy to get a perfect look. This will also increase the volume of curls.


Once you know your face shape, you can easily choose a wig. Shaking your hair will make you look beautiful. Now you can try whatever you want. You can also try different styles and colors. But please rest assured to use your voucher and visa. You can try to follow this guide, or choose the one that suits you best. I hope this article will help you create a unique wig series. If you see more best wig series so visit us in Unice online hair store

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