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Every child is the light of his parent’s life, and every parent struggles to dress their babies up to the mark.

It might be easier to doll up a baby girl with all those accessories, glitters and glams but it is tricky to make your little man stand out.

There are a variety of options out there to choose from and it depends on many factors on how to decide what compliments your baby boy. You have to be very particular about the clothing standards for babies. Elegant, economical yet classy is what you are looking for, while there is kids clothes sale from Iylah for an easy option, you should also go through the tips mentioned below to assist you in dressing your miracle child.

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Babies should always be handled gently while dressing them up and there are dresses crafted specifically for the comfort of the babies. A list of dresses below will describe the kind of dress and the purpose it serves for your baby.


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These are absolute must-haves for your baby’s wardrobe. Flaps on the bodysuits help you pull down the torso rather up the head for a more sanitary change after a diaper leak. A button sequence at the bottom of the onesie also serves the purpose of an easy diaper change.

Kimono tops

T-shirts with side snaps are not needed to be pulled over the face and also minimizes the contact with the still sensitive umbilical cord of your baby  

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Pajamas/footies are a one-piece, cozy for sleeping and playtime alike


One-piece or bubble with snaps at the crotch for a diaper change, with their fashion-forward style, rompers are good for a family gathering, playdates or photoshoots


Let’s get your boy party-ready!


The most amazing look for a baby boy is when he is wearing a tuxedo and appears like a mini man. You will find a few variations if you are opting to go for a tuxedo way.

  • A jumpsuit tuxedo with a berets cap and a bowtie.
  • Formal vest with a tie and romper will make your baby stand out
  • A 3-pc vest and pants with a formal shirt
  • Off-sleeved shirt with pants, attached suspenders and bowtie

These variations can all be worn as a formal dressing for weddings, birthdays or parties. No other apparel could be fancier than a tuxedo 


Adding a little cuteness to your babies’ wardrobe could make him the star of the day and also add excitement to the boy’s mood. 

His favorite cartoon character costume or just a cartoon cap with the theme shirt would match the thrill level of wearing and living a child’s cartoon fantasy. Batman, Spiderman, the Hulk or the Ironman, there are many options to choose from while animal costume could also be an alternative. This could be birthday specials or simply a perfect party outfit.


A shirt that would phrase something about his naughty self, or about his mom and dad, such as “Beware of this cutie pie” or “I love my mom more than dad”.

Unique design, patterns on the shirt or just a print of a cookie monster with some bright colors might enhance the character of a baby boy.


Shoes add class to the baby boy’s entire attire. Let us list some of the formal shoes to go with the party wear.

  • Loafer, stylish yet comfortable 
  • Oxford, brogue, derby/dress shoes
  • Chelsea boot, lace-up boot
  • Chukka boots


Your boy can look handsome in casuals too. The most common casuals include:

  • Denim 

Denim includes jeans, shirts, and jackets. Layering up with a casual t-shirt and denim shorts adds a new style statement to your baby’s outfit. While there is nothing that you cannot mix and match with denim jeans.

  • Shorts, Jogger jeans

Jogger jeans are the millennial way of styling up the casual look. It defines your baby boy with sleek and comfy design.

  • Turtle necks/polo necks, hoodies

These necklines enhance features and appear smart on your kid. Style him with a pair of jeans, jogger jeans or straight pants.

  • T-shirts, formal and informal shirts 

Bright colors are for kids. Choose from a vast variety of T-shirts based on color patterns or design, anything that could look smart on the boy if contrasted correctly. Formal and informal shirts could also be a part of casual attire if worn with jeans or shorts.

  • Chinos 

These are straight pants that stir up the casual collection of your baby. A few colors would give you plenty of choices to wear them with.

  • Shoes 

Casual shoes will include sneakers, sandals and flip flops. 

There is a wide variety of clothing in casuals and formals for babies to choose from which also includes some cultural variations in different parts of the world.


  1. Do not overdo

Overdoing your kid’s appearance can mess up the overall impression and will not bring out the character in your child. You don’t have to put everything on your kid because you like it or you have it. Simpler the better, it will also keep your kid at ease.

  1. Careful about the season

Dress up your baby according to the season and climate changes of your area. The colors should also go with the winter or summer requirements. There are winter and summer themes to choose from in the market which makes your kid’s shopping easier. 

It is also important that the baby is rightly dressed for the cold of winter or the warmth of the summer, overdoing in both scenarios might lead to the suffocation of the child and lack of support in carrying out the style that you maintained.

  1. Quality of the clothing 

When choosing the clothing of babies, you always have to make sure that the quality is not compromised. Cheaper quality clothing might give allergies and rashes to kids. If they feel uncomfortable wearing the dress they will get irritated and it will be hard for you to manage them for the rest of the day.

  1. Choose the right footwear

The footwear impression goes a long way. Shoes complement the dress as well as mark the comfort of walking and being their hyperactive self. One should never compromise on the quality of the shoes. Always ensure that you choose the formal and casual wear carefully and the right kind of color and style for the right dress type.

  1. Decorate your kid with some extras

Your baby boy will always love an extra treat to his wardrobe, for example, a wristwatch or sunglasses. A decorative or cartoon cap.

Moreover, the dressing and undressing of your baby is a proper procedure to follow daily so you should be very particular and careful about it.

Babies are just beautiful beings with innocence and natural charm. All colors and styles could look good on them and they will still look perfect but choosing the right type of options might turn them into the star that you are looking for in them. 

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