How to Style Iron on Patches

Iron on Patches
Iron on Patches

Iron-on patches are great for adding flair and personality to any outfit. They can be used to customize an existing article of clothing or as a way to personalize clothes that you have made yourself. There are many ways to style iron-on patches, so in this article, we will cover some popular options.

Iron Patch should be used on


Iron-on patches work wonderfully on any denim. Consider a new jean jacket or distressed vest with patches and jeans with a patch embroidered on the back pockets. According to some sources, the most popular patch combination seems to be copious patches on jackets and pants.


Patch-covered backpacks from the 90s have been popular again, and people are itching to buy them. Adding a small number of iron-on patches to the front zipper pocket of your backpack can evoke feelings of nostalgia.

Tees and Jackets

If you’re looking for a subtle way to iron on patches on a casual shirt or jacket has become popular. To personalize your outfit, try ironing a color patch onto the front pocket area of any jacket. A cuter way to style patches is by placing them somewhere in a pocket or near the hem of your shirt. It’s adorable if you can manage to make the patch look like it’s peeking out from or sitting in the shirt pocket if that patch happens to have an animal face on it.

Phone cases

Iron-on patches have been around for a long time and are typically applied to the back of plastic cell phone cases—this particular style of patchworks well on patches with a bright, sketchy design. Though fabric patches are the most common, iron-on patches can also be applied to other surfaces.

How to Iron on Patch

First, you need to select the perfect patch for your outfit. If you doubt what material it can be ironed onto, consult with a fashion designer or clothing retailer at your favorite store. Next, select the screen patch of your clothes to be patched and make sure it adds up to that area’s style statement. To iron on a patch, lay it over the spot where you want to apply it and iron from the underside. Protect the surface location where the patch will be added by laying a damp towel or cloth over it. Begin by setting your iron to the maximum level. When the patch has dried, place a towel on your iron’s surface and apply high heat to activate the adhesive—iron with significant force to ensure that any pressure can be applied.

Does Iron on Patch Wash Off

It turns out that iron-on patches are not durable. Iron-on patches are rugged and reliable; all you need to do is give them some love and attention to be sure they stay put. Iron-on patches will not come off in the first wash, but it is important to remember that they should be washed in cold water. Pour cold water into a bowl and let it cool before soaking the garment in the water for around ten minutes or until the adhesive softens. When a patch becomes detached from the rest of your clothing, re-attaching it is not possible. This means you’ll need a new one. Instead, use cold water for your garment.

How long it Take to Iron on Patch?

To increase the lifespan of the iron on patch, press down firmly with your hand for 10 seconds. Several approaches can apply ironed patches, but it is generally advised to hold the iron on the patch for thirty seconds. One mistake many people make is forgetting to put a wet cloth or damp towel between the patch and the iron when trying to attach it. For the iron-on patch to be well applied, you should apply pressure.

How to Iron Patch on Every Fabric

The primary rule is to make sure the material in question can be ironed when it comes to ironing patches. Iron on patches should only be applied if the fabric is not washable because the patches will break apart when the article is washed. Another thing to keep in mind is the iron setting. You want to make sure that you check the required temperature level for the fabric you’re working with, or else it can affect your patching project.


 Iron-on patches are a fun way to personalize and customize your clothes, bags, hats, or anything else you want. They’re also inexpensive and easy to find! You could even use them for an event like a wedding – they can be used as favor tags, table numbers, name labels, or any other creative idea that comes to mind. The best part about iron on patches is the infinite number of ways you can style them. From subtle designs with one color background to bold graphics with multiple colors in various patterns–you’ll never run out of design possibilities when it comes time for some DIY crafting!