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How to Update Your Wardrobe With White

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There are few shades that transcend color trends, and pure white is definitely one of them. Year after year, white remains in style. 

This season, you can find both formal and casual wear in white, from ladies’ pants and skirts, to shoes, belts and even stylish loungewear. The versatility of the colour and the fact that it never goes out of fashion means it is worthy of a place in every woman’s wardrobe. 

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Having said that, lots of people are a little afraid of wearing white. It isn’t necessarily the easiest to wear, mostly because of practical concerns about keeping it looking immaculate. The key is to follow a few simple rules on what to look for when you shop so you can be sure to look incredible in this shade. 

3 Reasons to Wear White

Not convinced yet? Here’s why you need more white in your wardrobe. 

1. It’s always a statement

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The clean and crisp nature of white garments essentially guarantees that they always get noticed. Its brightness and lightness means that white isn’t a colour to fade into the background. In many cultures, white represents purity and innocence, but it can also depict confidence and positivity. It just depends on how you choose to wear it. 

2. White is a blank canvas

There are very few colours that don’t work with white. Black and white is a striking look all year round. But in summer, why not pair it with flashes of the brightest colours in your wardrobe or makeup bag? 

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White looks incredible with all shades of denim, with pastels, with tropical shades — with everything. 

3. White is flattering

Wearing white on the top half of your body has a brilliant trick of reflecting light onto your face in a very flattering way. Nothing says summer more than nude, sun-kissed skin and a flash of colour on the lips, with a white summer dress or shirt.

So, if you’d like to wear more white but are not sure how to introduce it into your wardrobe, read on.  Here are all the tips you need to know for wearing white and looking chic every time.

Tip 1: Only purchase high-quality white garments. 

When it comes to purchasing anything in white, it is crucial to look for high quality pieces where an exceptional effort has been made in terms of craftsmanship. Why? 

Well, firstly, the piece will look better. Ideally, a garment made in-house by an experienced atelier should be your first choice. This way, it will fit you perfectly, with no chance of uncomfortable and unflattering pulling and dragging of the fabric. 

Well-fitting pieces and high-quality fabrics are particularly important when wearing white. White can easily become transparent in brighter light or in wet weather. However, if you buy a high-quality piece, attention will have been paid to this risk. 

Garments will either be made using more luxurious, less transparent fabric, or be lined when necessary. The beautiful fabrics will be vetted and checked that they not only look good but that they also perform well. They’ll stand the test of time too. The fabrics will launder better and keep their whiteness longer. 

Tip 2: Consider what to wear under your white pieces

Nothing can ruin a white outfit more than an ill-chosen undergarment. Even the very best fabrics are at risk of being undermined by strong colours showing through from underneath. Avoid these distractions by choosing either “nude” colors underneath or layering up your whites.

If you want your new white piece to do all the talking, then nude underwear or camisoles are the best choice. They might not be a colour you’d choose to wear normally, but they’ll completely disappear under white. Try to pick something as close to your natural skin tone as possible.

White is also a possibility but can still show under some white garments. Layering up whites can look incredible, but if you don’t want any chance of highlighting your undergarments, then nudes are your safest choice. 

Tip 3: Always apply your perfumes and lotions before dressing, and your makeup after 

Reduce the chances of staining and yellowing, and help your whites stay white for longer, by having a strict routine for getting dressed. Make sure that lotions, antiperspirants and perfumes are dry before you dress otherwise they can cause yellow patches.

Wait until after you are dressed to put makeup on. This way, you’ll have no chance of dragging a crisp white top through your foundation or lipstick. 

3 Contemporary Style Ideas for Every Occasion 

Now that you know how to buy and wear white clothes with confidence, here are three ways to style this colour. The crisp white shirt and shirt-dress are both timeless classics. However, you could also refresh your wardrobe using these ideas. 

1. The white trouser suit for the office

At first thought, you might be worried that going all out in white might leave you looking like a bride or a nurse on duty. However, by wearing tailored trousers with a shirt or top and an elegant jacket, all in white, you can avoid this. White is a very smart colour option, and so will fit very easily into your working wardrobe, particularly for summer. 

A white trouser suit is a chic, elegant and confident look. Don’t forget to accessorise with a white designer belt, shoes and bag. 

2. Travel in style

The loungewear trend of the last few years was boosted by lockdowns and stay-at-home orders. Now that travel bans are coming to an end in many places, you can put your loungewear to good use as the perfect outfit for long-haul travel. 

And what could be more sophisticated than a white loungewear trouser set, made in jersey for pure comfort and the perfect shape? Add a satin camisole for the nicest feeling next to your skin. 

3. White evening wear

A full white gown in satin could look a little bridal. Instead, why not wear a full tulle skirt and corset top in white silk? This is an enchanted, romantic outfit that will float effortlessly as you make your entrance. 

For the most contemporary of looks, switch to a white leather corset. It’s the perfect contrast to a full length skirt. 

White is easier to wear than many people realise, and with so many elegant white pieces adorning the catwalks this season, now is the perfect time to introduce more of it into your wardrobe. 


Kristina Fidelskaya is committed to providing an elegant and feminine wardrobe to modern women with real lives and real needs. Timeless collections based around impeccable materials and craftsmanship, each piece is unique, tells a story, and stays with you for a lifetime. Fusing traditional tailoring with modern, contemporary designs, Kristina Fidelskaya creates luxurious understated products.

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