Sunday, October 25, 2020

How you can make your experience better when shopping online

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There are many benefits that come with shopping from online boutiques like Lily Lulu – you do not need to wait in line all day, and you do not even need to leave your house. Even though there are plenty of advantages though, there are some disadvantages that come with it – such as spending money on a great pair of pants, only to realize they are too small for you.

Even though these disadvantages are there, it is important to learn some strategies to save you money and time, as well as reducing the chances of getting things that are too big or small for you. Use these tips to improve your shopping the next time you visit an online boutique site.

Know what your measurements are

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By this point, you might already know that clothes sizes changes according to the batch the products originate from, as well as the brand. You can navigate this information easily when you go to a store in-person and try on the clothes in the dressing room, but shopping from an online boutique is slightly different because that luxury is unavailable to you.

If the store does not use True Fit to state the measurements of their clothes, you will need to take your measurements yourself – always taking note of your inseam, hips, waist, and bust. Moreover, you can also opt to go to your local seamstress or tailor and have them measure you out if you do not want to do it yourself.

Examine the sizing charts                                       

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So you are set on buying a set of clothes. However, before you get to the checkout stage, make sure the measurements of the clothes actually match up to your body measurements, in order to know what you are buying.

While you can check out the sizing chart on the boutique’s website before you buy is helpful, looking at the designer’s site is even more useful because it is more specific in its outlook. You can also look at the models wearing the outfit, and this will give you an idea of the length of the garment.

Reviews are important

You are on an online boutique – so take advantage of the reviews from customers and get some extra perspective. Look for comments that talk about the quality of material, fit, and size, and this will help you know whether the item is true to size or whether you need to buy smaller or bigger sizes.

Research the materials

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When you are buying clothes from an online store, it is important to look at the material feel as well – the last thing you want is to have spent so much money buying and shipping the dress or pants you always wanted, only to find the actual texture is rough and uncomfortable.

You can do this through checking the content of the fabric, since you cannot go there to physically feel the fabric. In addition to that, go back to your closet, and take the clothes you love the most, as well as those that feel uncomfortable. Examine how they feel, and check the fabric compositions; this will give you a better idea of the fabrics that feel soft on your skin, and those that feel stuffy.

Be flexible with the outcome

Online shopping from boutiques can be tricky because the color you see on screen is not what it exactly looks like, and the color can also vary between different batches. Even though you are flexible enough to accommodate for this change, you should also return the item if the real item is extremely different from your expected product (for instance, a brown-orange sweater on the website turning up as a neon orange sweater).

Always read the return policy

You may follow all the steps above when you are shopping from an online boutique, and yet still experience some disappointing results. Therefore, it always helps to know the return policy before you decide to buy an item online. Always look for terms like free returns, the length of time you have to send the product back, if you can make a return in-store, whether the store allows for exchanges, and whether there are restocking fees.

At the end of the day, shopping from an online boutique can seem highly intimidating – and yet, it does not need to be. With these steps, you can improve your experience and lessen the fear of online transactions as well.

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