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Latin Dance Dresses: Which One Suits You Best?

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Picking a Latin dress perfect for the competition is quite crucial. There are a lot of styles to choose from, made of various fabrics and decorations. The choice also depends on a particular dance you would compete like samba, jive, and cha-cha. Latin costumes will set the mood of your performance, regardless of the dancing level.

Latin Dance Dresses To Choose From

Perhaps you are in trouble choosing the best Latin dancewear that will suit you. Here is a rundown of dresses you can pick from:

Fringe Latin Dresses

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This Latin dress helps to emphasize the dancer’s motion. It best fits any body type. For instance, short girls with curve features should avoid wearing a densely Latin dress with horizontally sewn fringe. Rather, sewn the fridge in small tassels on the hips and bust. Beaded and sequined fringe is another good option to be added on Latin dresses. Those make the dress lighter to wear with a bit of sparkle.

Drape Latin Dresses

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To look classier on the dance floor, a drape Latin dress will do the job. It is made of soft materials such as satin, mesh, and angel skin resulting in more natural-looking dancewear. This dress comes in different shapes and also looking expensive. It is not overly decorated however delivers a better outcome than the other dresses.

Patterned Latin Dresses

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Solid-colored dresses may look a bit dull on the dance floor. Adding up patterns like abstract prints can help to catch the audience’s attention a lot easier. This assures dancers never to go out of style and to look fresh on stage. Animal prints can make a Latin dress more glamorous with added golden accessories.

Empire Waist Latin Dresses

Another Latin dress is made perfect for petite dancers to look taller than usual. It has a tricky style that is not suitable for anyone. Dancers performing a hip technique can wear empire waist Latin dresses without a doubt. The loose layers of fabric will emphasize the dance moves better.

Sequined Latin Dresses

One of the most popular Latin dresses is sequined dancewear. They are commonly seen on modern dance floors. It is a fabric dress designed with large sequins and a little sparkling decoration. The dress looks amazing magnifying every motion performed by the dancer.

Black Latin Dresses

People wearing black look sexier than those wearing clothes with abundant colors. Thus, considering a black Latin dress is now becoming everyone’s choice. It is very refreshing and elegant to see. It is true that simplicity will always win.

Feathered Latin Dresses

Latin dresses made up of feathers can be difficult to clean, unlike the other options. Designers might use ostrich feathers to come up with the idea. However, feathered Latin dresses appear chic that could add up to the performance. It causes designers to suffer from headaches especially in times of cleaning the dress. It is nonetheless a good option these days.

How To Choose The Best Latin Dance Dress For You?

The first thing you need to do is to consult a dancing instructor or an expert for Latin dresses. He/she can provide an unbiased opinion of which dancewear will make you stand out on the dance floor.

Below are other factors that can impact your decision for buying or renting a Latin dress:

Your Dance Style

As mentioned earlier, different dance styles require a variety of dancewear. Make sure your dress matches your desired performance. For example, for a couple dancers, each dancer must be wearing a dress that implies their strong and weak sides.

Materials Used

The level of elegance of Latin dresses greatly depends on how it is designed. Some dresses look creative while others are made with simplicity. They come in a variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics that best fit the dancer.

Size and Color

A dancer’s comfort will depend on the size of the dress he/she is wearing during the performance. Finding the right dress is similar to getting the right fitting for your body type. Some dresses look better for petite or curvy bodies. Also, picking the right color can add an impact to your presence on the dance floor.


There are Latin dresses made for competitions and everyday dancing routines. Deciding to purchase one could be easier if the purpose of buying is clear. How often will you wear the dress? The answer will lead you to choose the best dancewear for your needs.


Some designers may get your ideas of how the dress will look like. Feel free to lay down your dress ideas and let them help in adding some details that can turn them into a more beautiful dress.

Best Latin Dance Dress Provider We Recommend

A company that sells latin fringe dresses can help you in choosing the right dancewear for the next Latin dance competition. Above all the possible options for Latin dresses, the fringe style seems more stunning.  Charismatico is offering different colors and styles of fringe Latin dress that can be best for you. Do not hesitate to order online because you will get quality dresses at your doorsteps. Get in touch and share your inquiries with the staff.


A nice dress affects gracing the dance floor, especially for Latin dance. The variety of dress styles indicates uniqueness that will drive audience attention towards the performance. Hence, choosing the right Latin dance dress is important to impress the judges, as well as the audiences.

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