Monday, September 28, 2020

Little Known Facts About Fashion Jewelry & Why It Matters

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Accesorries have the power to make or break a look. The right set of jewelry can enhance the overall look of the attire. Such is the power of fashion jewelry that they can instantly transform a boring day look into a dazzling and happening night look in no time.

Any simple or boring clothes can be instantly transformed with the help of accessories

2019 Trends In Woman Fashion Jewelry

A woman likes to experiment with their looks with a piece of fashionable jewelry. If you keenly observe the various fashion shows held by various style gurus across the globe, you will see that they extensively use fashionable jewelry to enhance their creations.

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Here are the latest 2019 trends in women fashion jewelry that have been ruling and scorching the fashion ramp.

Heavy Hoops

Hoops never go out of style. However, this is the year of donning heavy and chunky hoops. Think about golden hoops made of thick material that is instantly eye-catching. So, bulky hoops are here to stay in 2019.

Enamel Jewelry

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Colored enamels are often used in jewelry to make them look attractive. This trend has picked up steam this year and is making a presence on the ramp.

So, if you are wondering how to make your jewelry look bright and colorful, these enamel versions will come to your rescue.


Chokers have been a fashion trend for the last few years. The latest trend amongst fashion jewelry necklaces has been the chocker chain ones in Fashion jewelry necklaces The current version of chains is thicker and chunkier than the rest.

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Most of these neckpieces come with matching wristlet and earpieces. The whole set is found in chains and look coordinated once worn together.

Lucky Charms

This is another trend that almost all Fashion jewelry brands, are raving about. These are basically wristlets or bracelets which have small trinkets attached to the same.

These trinkets are called charms and can be customized as per one’s requirement. You have a plethora of options to choose from like ice cream cones, babies, mountains, cross and so on. Basically, anything and everything that your heart may desire.

Fashion lovers also love this trend as they can customize the same as per their linking. These lucky charms can also be used to enhance hoops or neckpieces. These small charms instantly enhance the look and make the jewelry look chunkier.

Celestial Inspired

Our tryst with the celestial body will never fade. The latest influence of celestial bodies can be seen in the statement pieces launched by various Fashion jewelry brands across the globe.

This trend has been ruling the ramp for the last couple of years.  This range of fashionable trinkets is in the shape of planets, sun, moon, and stars. Most of them have diamonds or diamond dust studded on them to enhance the overall look of the jewelry pieces.

Silver and Gold Mix

Gone are the days, when people used to possess separate gold and silver jewelry which they could match with their clothes. In the present era of mix and match, people prefer to wear jewelry that has tones of both silver and gold in them.

This makes matching easier as now one piece of jewelry can be matched with a plethora of options. These dual-toned jewelry pieces are in vogue and seem to be ruling the ramp.

Swarovski Inspired

There is something absolutely ethereal about Swarovski. There are various Fashion jewelry brands that are known to extensively use these Swarovski inspired pieces on their clothes and jewelry pieces that are visible on the ramp. Swarovski has an eternal quality that makes it rule the fashion ramp year after year.

70’s Style

There is something different about 70’s style. This era is associated with being free-spirited and uber cool. It is the time of flower power and bell bottoms and hoops. Time and again these trends come back in vogue. This time again, the 70’s inspired look is in and is ruling the ramp.

Right from chunky jewelry to hoops, these all are part of today’s lookbook.

Neon Colored Jewelry

Neon colors are in vogue. Take a look at the latest snaps of celebrities like Kareena Kapoor and you will see her sporting neon on neon trend. This trend is also making a mark in the world of fashion accessories.

Neon inspired jewels and jewelry products are making a huge come back. Many of the leading fashion houses are known to resort to them.


Fashion jewelry can instantly make your attire look brighter and better. Transform your look from day to night by adding some fashionable jewels to your look. Here we have discussed the trends ruling the ramp in the year 2019.

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