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Make a Style Statement with these Eid Clothes

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Half the year is already gone by, and everyone is excited about the list of festivals coming up now. Beginning the festive season this year is Eid. When we imagine Eid, we can visualize the delicious food dishes, terrific traditional outfits, and the overall joyous atmosphere that accompanies this annual festival. Eid brings about a time of catching up with relatives, mixing with the large family, and even getting together with old and new friends. 

Eid gives you an endless number of reasons to browse and buy numerous stylish outfits so you can look your most attractive and confident. This is the perfect time for you to decide the best Eid clothes for you and choose the complementary accessories along with it. At Inddus, we have come up with the largest collection of exclusive Eid clothes that are unparalleled in style and comfort on the market. 

Listed below is a number of stylish and sensational Eid outfits for you to choose from and establish yourself as a style diva this festive occasion. 

Essential Eid Clothes Collection from Inddus for 2020

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Inddus, the leading online ethnic wear store, offers an incredibly varied range of exclusive women’s wear ethnic collection for the upcoming Eid 2020. 

Here’s a quick look at some of the best Eid clothes on offer at our Inddus online store:

1 – Extensively Emerald

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Lehengas have been trending for a long time now. The large, flowing design, which depicts class and ethnic wear at its best, has become the best choice for thousands of women across the country. Some special occasions are only made memorable with the best Lehenga outfit. 

Now, look extremely elegant in an emerald-colored stylish Lehenga from Inddus. Pair up the fluid garment with a matching pair of earrings, bangles, and hand purse. A pair of gold, sequined Jodhpur slip-ons commends the overall attire. 

2 – Joy of Jewels

Boost your style statement this festive occasion with a designer floor-length Anarkali with bejeweled design. The maroon-colored bejeweled Anarkali outfit integrates the right level of richness and opulence to your Eid celebrations. 

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The jewel-encrusted Anarkali outfit looks wonderful with a pair of ultramodern earrings. A small, silver, or gold handheld purse complements the outfit amazingly while a pair of bright, silver slip-on sandals completes the elegant choice for Eid clothes. 

3 – Fun with Fusion

Not everyone likes to go full traditional on the amazing annual event. Some like a mix of ultra-modern and ethnic as well. For those, Inddus presents the unique and extremely stylish Saree paired with a pair of matching leggings. 

This fusion of style and substance denotes the traditional Indian outfit Sari and the unconventional mix with a pair of leggings. Complete this stylish outfit with a pair of golden earrings, an embellished handbag, and a pair of silver, open-toed sandals.

4 – Mesmerize with Mirrors

The right level of embellishment can add significant style points to an already great outfit. This is an excellent way to acquire a complete traditional look. Make this Eid classy by trying out Eid outfits with mirror work, embroidery, and sequins. 

Choose a dark-colored outfit with mirror work for the best contrasting style. Make sure to choose the intricately embroidered outfits, such as Lehenga or Kurti, which clearly shows off the tiniest details. Complete the look with a pair of thick, heavy earrings encrusted with jewels. Match the outfit with a handy, matching purse, and complete the overall opulent look with a pair of matching, platform footwear. 

5 – Incredible Ivory

White, silver, and ivory is one of the most visible, attractive, and stylish combinations when it comes to traditional women’s wear. Choose a combination of three in any traditional dress style and make sure to match it with accessories that complement the bright, shiny look. Accented accessories are highly recommended to complete your elevating and elegant Eid outfit.

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