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Making Sure That Your Jewellery Matches Your Outfit

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If you want to make an impression, no matter what occasion, you will need to ensure that your outfit and your jewellery and other accessories match and there are plenty of websites online to help you with this. There are many ways that you can do this, and a lot of it does come down to personal taste but matching the occasion with your outfit and jewellery is an excellent place to start. 

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Below are some tips to help you create your outfit and match your jewellery and accessories for the occasion to ensure that you always make the best first impression possible. 

Match The Occasion

If you are going somewhere special and you have an elaborate outfit to wear, you will want to match your jewellery and accessories accordingly. Alternatively, if you are going to work, having jewellery which dangles from your wrists may not be ideal and is more suited for going out somewhere. When you find yourself in the situation that you have a beautiful outfit and no jewellery to match it, you can look at the available custom jewellery London has for the ones who can accommodate your needs.

Busy Patterns & Understated Jewellery

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One thing that goes well together is having elaborate patterns on your clothes and matching this with understated and simple jewellery. If your jewellery is too ornate, it can clash with a busy design.

Highlight Your Face

You will want to use jewellery which can accentuate your face and highlight your features, and one way to do this is to wear your hair up or tied back and wear some beautiful earrings. Selecting a statement pair of earrings which help you to choose the perfect accessories, and you will want to choose a pair that matches the shape of your face.

Match Your Skin Tone

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You will also want to choose clothes and accessories that match the tone of your skin colour. Silver is a metal that goes well with most skin tones, and if you have a darker complexion and hair, then you may wish to choose gold. You can also choose jewellery that includes gemstones which can help to create the perfect outfit.

Using Warm & Cooler Colours

If you are going to be wearing warm colours in your outfit, then you may wish to select colder ones for your jewellery. If you are going to be wearing a deep red, orange, or yellow, then you can match diamonds or pearls to your outfit, which goes well. Alternatively, if your outfit comprises of cooler colours, you can use warm colours in your jewellery to balance it out.

Mix & Match

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Experience is the best way to work out what goes with what, and you will want to try mixing and matching your clothing and accessories until you work it out. With experience, you can select the perfect jewellery and accessories for your outfit, no matter what you are wearing, and you can look sublime in any outfit and for any occasion. Play around with your outfits and jewellery, and you may even find new combinations that you have not thought of before.

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