Mangalsutra Designs In Different Indian Cultures

hiren sojitra sdoH CbR7Dw unsplash
hiren sojitra sdoH CbR7Dw unsplash

Whether you want a gift for your wife or you are about to get married, you must get the black auspicious thread that is worn as a necklace. Know with different names in diverse Indian cultures, but most commonly, it is called a Mangalsutra. Just like names, the designs of this thread also changes with the culture. So you will first have to learn more about these various designs to buy the most appropriate Mangalsutra online for your wife.

We have brought here some of the most popular designs of the thread that you can choose from.

#1 Kashmiri

The sutra in Kashmiri brides has a very different concept. The bride’s parents gift her this sutra at the time of her wedding, and rather than a necklace, it is in earrings form. It contains a red thread, along with gold pieces, that get replaced by a gold chain by her in-laws. So she then wears complete gold earrings in the form of her Dijhor.

#2 Tamil

Tamil Mangalsutra is called “Thaali Kodi,” which the bride has to wear as a symbol of her marriage. There is an entirely different ceremony, “Mangala Dharanam,” where the groom places this sutra on the bride. In Tamil, you may also hear these sutras with names like Mangalyam, Kodi, Thirumangalayam, and Thaaly. It can come in various designs based on the family’s history and traditions. However, all of them are in the form of a necklace.

Some Tamil families prefer to add gold coins and other precious stones to the sutra for making it more elaborative.

#3 Kerala

Despite being adjacent to each other, Tamil and Kerala have highly different concepts of their Mangalsutras. In Kerala, the sutra may be known as “Thaali” by the Hindus and “Minnu” by the Christian people. The Minnu includes a pendant with two parts:

  • A heart to symbolize the love between two people, and
  • A scared cross to symbolize the holiness of the thread

This pendant then gets passed through seven thread stands, representing the bride, groom, both of their parents, and the church.

#4 Gujrati

Next in line is the Gujrati culture that isn’t much different from most of the North-Indian cultures. Gujarati brides mainly wear a nose stud to symbolize their wedding status. But there is also a concept of the sutra in them. They wear a black beaded necklace, paired with a gold or diamond pendant. These sutras can come in various sizes and shapes according to their chain and the pendant’s design.

#5 The Modern Designs

These were about the traditional Indian Mangalsutra designs. But the times and trends have changed now, and so have the brides. Most of them don’t prefer wearing a long chain all the time on their neck. Still, they can’t leave the sutra concept behind due to its sacredness. That is why modern women opt for new designs, such as:

  • Silver or platinum chain designs
  • Bracelets instead of necklaces
  • A complete set of necklace and earrings

You can buy any of the mentioned sutras based on your culture and your wife’s preferences. If you are purchasing the sutra for yourself, make sure it matches your style.