Massive Chains are Back in Fashion

Massive Chains are Back in Fashion
Massive Chains are Back in Fashion

Jewelry that mimics the 80s and 90s style is gaining ground again. Marni, Monse, Hermès, Escada, Bottega Veneta, and Chloé have already added weighty chains and necklaces featuring hyperlinks to their collections. Celebs, Insta influencers, fashion gurus, and all the fashionistas keeping abreast of events in the fashion world have been already flaunting this trendy accessory. You, too, should consider getting one… or even more.

In the early 90s, the legendary supermodel Linda Evangelista was often spotted wearing a massive chain. Today, the Hadid sisters, Kim Kardashian, Rihana, and other A-listers follow suit. Not only women, but men also dream of getting their hands on something that bold and eye-catching. Rappers have always had a soft spot for burly chains but now it’s time for everyone else to experiment with this audacious style.

They’re Back

Why is chunky neck jewelry back in fashion? Let’s talk about two reasons. First, fashion evolves in circles. In late 2019 and early 2020, we witness the 1980s nostalgia. The main feature of the Greed decade was excessiveness and maximalism in everything: makeup, clothes, hairstyles and, of course, accessories. Insolence and even certain aggressiveness manifested itself even in business images. Female fashion was inspired by male images – this is the era that gave us exaggerated shoulder pad jackets. Today, when the ideas of feminism and strong women are discussed with renewed vigor, it is no surprise that we draw inspiration from the most prominent ladies of the Eighties (Margaret Thatcher, Princess Diana, and Madonna) who wore think necklaces back in the day. And since male and female fashions go hand in hand, we can see this trend dominating in men’s accessories, too.

The second factor is the popularity of hip-hop culture among the younger generation. Hip hop fashion didn’t really change since the 80s. It still benefits from in-your-face accessories, exaggerated shapes, and bold fashion choices. Massive chains were the highlight of the 1980s, rappers didn’t part with them in the 1990s, and we don’t see any reasons why they might shed them any time soon. Hip Hop stars such as Drake, Jay-Z, Kanye, Eminem, etc. started off when many of us were a knee-high to a grasshopper but they still are massively popular, among youngsters, as well. They copy their signature style and thus give a new life to heavy-weight necklaces.

How To Wear Massive Chain Necklaces

Neck jewelry is popular in any size, from almost chokers to belly-button-reaching pieces. The key factor is not the length but rather the size of links. The most fashionable are chains of yellow and red gold among ladies while silver men’s necklaces are still prevailing among the sterner sex. Another stylish solution is a thin necklace completed with a pendant. A pendant may feature religious symbols (Jay-Z, for instance, enjoys wearing Khamsa), geometric shapes, skulls, etc.

Chain necklaces are believed to be an integral element of streetwear but today you can wear them even with business suits. However, they look best with large knit sweaters, plain turtlenecks, and oversizeв jackets in winter, and plain t-shirts in summer.

We put a brief list of outfits that make a stunning duet with massive chain necklaces:

  1. jackets with a voluminous shoulder line;
  2. military-style outfits and overalls;
  3. plain t-shirts;
  4. leather jackets;
  5. slacks and elegant shirts, especially with rolled-up sleeves.

How to Pick a Massive Necklace

The first thing you need to consider when picking a trendy chain necklace is its weaving. Figaro and Cuban weavings are still massively popular among male buyers due to their sturdiness and voluminous. Flat chains will suit ladies thanks to their sophistication and streamlined silhouette. Large Bismarck chains look solid and commanding; when buying such a product, make sure its clasp is super reliable.

Fantasy weaving will tickle ladies’ fancy. Men adorning their neck with dragon scale items, cross-link or crown-linked necklaces will look rather ridiculous unless they represent a subculture such as Goths or bikers. With women, however, quirky and intricate designs look gorgeous. So-called French pigtail necklaces will do as a basic accessory for any occasion.

Massive wide chains are all about strength and remarkable charisma. They emphasize men’s masculinity and can make even the most fragile women tenderer. They bring more audacity to your image and turn even the most basic look into a showstopper. However, when donning a chunky necklace on your neck you must keep one thing in mind – they always become the main feature of your image. Therefore, they love a more modest and restrained company. This means that you would have to put vivid prints and crazy colors aside. Plain t-shirts, black and white attire, and knitted wear are the perfect backdrop for an imposing neck accessory.