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Men’s Fashion – wearing shoes with navy pants

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In the modern era, men always wish to exude style even when busy in an agile workplace. As they try to appear fashionable, they ensure they dress up pretty well. Whether it involves dressing up for a formal event or a special occasion, staying trendy is something they will not overlook.

But, there are some rules to keep in mind, especially when men consider a color combination. So, in this article, we will cover why you must wear shoes with navy pants. Towards the end, you can go through the types of shoes you can wear with the trousers.

Why must you wear shoes with navy-colored trousers?

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Men always wonder whether it’s better to wear shoes with navy-colored pants. But, when they think about complementing their style, they must consider the type of shoes. However, formal shoes are always ideal when you are working at the workplace for long hours. So, here are some reasons why you must wear shoes with navy-colored pants.

When you think of boasting a particular style, black sneakers always look great with anything, including navy-colored pants. Besides, you can also slip on the shoes with casual outfits. On the other hand, you can also wear black shoes to appear smart at the workplace. The color combination due to black and dark blue will look good in any instance.

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Moreover, you can move around with a unique look when you wear shoes with pants that have plaids. Once you dress up, you can also enhance your style quotient with certain accessories. These include a pendant, formal watch, or bracelet. 

What types of shoes can you wear with the trousers?

Choosing the right pair of shoes for a certain event can sound challenging. So, to help you make a better decision, here is the list of shoes which men wear often.

Brogue Shoes

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Such types of shoes are nothing but low-heeled shoes. If you observe the pair closely, then you will notice perforations. Most of the time, such shoes come under the category of leather shoes. When you observe the pair pointed towards the front, these are W-shaped shoes. Once you plan to wear such shoes, make sure to wear a formal shirt along with trousers.


As you come across such types of shoes, these are slip-on shoes, and the pair has a rounded toe and heels. Moreover, when brands design these shoes from leather, they can be considered to be formal shoes. If you observe a leather strap on the top that secures the feet, these are penny loafers. But, when the shoes are made from a different material, they can look trendy.

Oxford Shoes

These shoes feature a slightly pointed toe along with a low heel. While such shoes are made from black or brown leather, they are available in many variations. Derby shoes always look great with open lacing. But cap-toe oxford shoes look stylish due to the horizontal stitching. On the contrary, some shoes are comfortable due to the shoelace eyelets. 


If you’re looking for suitable shoes for the summer season, you must opt for espadrilles. While such shoes have a fiber sole, you can tie the laces and secure your feet well. But, some of these shoes look unique just because of the overall design. Apart from these shoes, you can think about buying platform shoes that have a thick sole. 


To summarize, wearing shoes with navy colored trousers is always necessary. Besides exuding professionalism, the shoes can make you look smart, and you will also look handsome due to the color combination. To exude style to a great extent, you can also wear some fashion accessories like a watch or a pendant.

Regarding the types of shoes, you can think about Espadrilles, Loafers, Oxford shoes and more. But, regardless of what you buy, you must ensure that the shoes are comfortable and easy to wear. You must never face any issues, even when you wear the shoes throughout the day.

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