Must Know Advantages of Makeup Mirror with LED Lights

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LED lighting has come to homes and bathrooms are no exception, particularly mirrors, one of the elements that give the space a greater personality. We present the advantages of using this type of illuminated mirror in the bathroom and the new range that has prepared for you.

The LED lighting has different performance and hue than the fluorescent. It is whiter and more intense and its consumption is lower despite having more lumens (colloquially “gives more light”). It has a wide color range with warmer (yellow) and cooler (blue or white) lighting. These shades are marked depending on the Kelvin grades being, for example, 3,000K warm or “yellow” and 6,000K cold or “white-blue”.

Here the most important thing that you always need to remember is to choose the right makeup mirror with lights for you as well. How you may do so? It has become pretty easy today. You just need to visit the websites like the buyers trend, which provide complete comprehensive guides plus reviews of top products selling online. This should keep in your mind before buying any product online even in case of makeup mirror as well.

Advantages of LED lighting in Mirrors

Using illuminated mirrors is a good option to make daily tasks in the bathroom such as shaving or makeup much easier and more effective. The LED light integrated in the mirror also offers several added advantages such as:

  1. Front light without shadows

The LED lights offer a homogeneous illumination that does not draw shadows and that will facilitate our shaving or makeup, achieving perfect results and avoiding badly shaved areas or makeup with defects.

  1. Relaxing light

LED lights give the space a clean and relaxing environment. Being uniform they allow a homogeneity that relaxes and is very suitable for a space like the bathroom.

  1. Low consumption

One of the main advantages of this type of lights is its low consumption. They are a bit more expensive but consume much less so our pocket will notice on the electric bill. Savings and LED go hand in hand without a doubt.

  1. Sustainable light

Precisely because they consume less and favor energy savings, LEDs have positioned themselves as electricity that respects the environment.

Types of LED Lighted Makeup Mirrors

Within the lights integrated in the mirrors of LED type two types can be distinguished:

Perimeter: it is the light that is placed behind the mirror. It brings a very aesthetic vision to the mirror since its outline is illuminated, offering a relaxing sensation in which the mirror “seems to float”. Perimeter light has a more aesthetic and decorative component than lighting.

Front: is the light that is placed on the front of the mirror, as its name indicates. It is the one that does fulfill its own lighting function. There are several types of frontal light depending on its shape and placement by means of an upper or lower strip or on the sides or even combining several shapes.

Extra Features

The technology incorporated in these mirrors means that, in addition to the lighting’s own advantages, they offer other features such as the “anti-fog” function ; Ideal for bathrooms without windows or for those who lack a good ventilation system. On the other hand, and, depending on our tastes or needs, several models have the function of “graduation of light intensity” which allows us to increase the graduation, if we want to make up for example, or reduce it to enjoy a relaxed time in the shower.