Picking The Right Women’s Dresses That Best Fit Your Personality


One of the most important things that people miss when they follow trends and fashion goals mindlessly is their own personality and personal style preferences. Fashion is something that is a part of you, your personality and how you want others to perceive you. But if you lose yourself while catching up with fashion trends then all the effort is in vain. You will not be pleased with yourself, you won’t feel confident and this could eventually lead to something much worse. 

Choosing the right women’s dresses that relate and resonate with your personal style sense and personality is the key, this way, whatever you adorn will boost your morale, make you feel beautiful and ready to take on the world. 

We all have judged people on what they are wearing but we hardly judge someone who is walking with confidence, panache and style, right? Well, this is because she dresses according to her personality which has given her this untouchable aura that is very much palpable and you can feel the radiance coming through. Psychologists strongly believe and reiterate the fact that style is very important to convey your true personality, mood, state of mind and what you want others to perceive of you. 

If you don’t dress in accordance to your personal style then you might be giving the wrong message. Having said that, finding your true personality and then shopping according to it is no easy feat. It requires years of understanding, maturity and confidence which comes with trial and error, stick and carrot. 

Wearing personality appropriate dresses like long sleeve mini dress or comfy sweatpants or formal blazers and pants suits has a major effect on how you feel about yourself. If you feel confident and empowered that is exactly what people will feel about you and if you feel beautiful, classy and chic this is what the vive will be around you. In this article, let’s discover your style according to your personality so that you can choose well!

Picking The Right Women’s Dresses That Best Fit Your Personality

1. Choose the Right Hues

Colors play a very pivotal role in determining your personality and your style as well. If your personality is more of a vibrant, chirpy girl than bright, colorful hues will resonate with your personality. If you are a minimalist at heart then opt for monochromatic or solid colors. 

If you are confident and sassy chic then wear bold neon hues that take the center stage. Colors can have a great impact on your personality, everyday life and just how you feel. In order to feel right, you need to wear the right color according to the place, occasion and your own style. 

2. Opt for Dresses You Feel Comfortable Wearing

Following fashion trends is perfectly fine, they inspire you, make you feel included, do a lot of talking and you can get away with several situations just by wearing a fashion appropriate outfit. But riding every fashion trend is not a very good idea, especially the ones you don’t feel good about. 

A dress should always make you feel beautiful, confident, empowered and classy, rather than nervous, conscious, underconfident and out of place. This can happen when you mindlessly follow fashion trends, not paying much heed to your personal style and what you feel good in. In order to achieve that, understand your body type, figure out your personality and then opt for the fashion trends that resonate with your style. One of the beautiful blue floral dresses with a blend of white and blue colors. Intricate blue pattern with an off-shoulder dress, side cut dress flowing till ankles is great for dinners.

3. Dress As Per the Situation or Occasion

Understanding your personal style and corroborating it the occasion you are going to where it is very important. You don’t want to go in sweatpants or athleisure wear for a wedding or for your office dinner just because you feel comfortable in it. 

You have to wear clothes that are appropriate to where you are heading but they should also be a reflection of your personal style sense. So if you like to be classy and sexy in a silk slip dress, if you want to be cool and comfortable opt for a cocktail midi dress and if you have a classic style then go for black long sleeve mini dress. 

4. Be Creative and Eccentric in your Choices but Don’t go Over broad

I highly recommend taking just inspiration from the latest fashion trends rather than just copy pasting them in your wardrobe. You need to add your personal touch so that it belongs to you and have the approval of your personal taste. For that i recommend to be creative, innovative and a tad bit eccentric in your choices. 

You can for sure take 2 different fashion trends and make them your own. You can go for the high-waist jeans and pair it up with an off-shoulder shirt. You can also wear mini sundresses and wear heels under it or if you are more of a comfy girl than do ankle booties as well. The combinations are unlimited but the guiding light is you.

5. Wear Your Confidence and Not the Trend

I know I said that wearing dresses according to your personality brings confidence and style in you but it also works the other way around. If you feel confident in yourself, then no matter what you wear, it will look good on you. Make sure, whatever you adorn, you feel it and know that you look amazing. 

This attitude will make any outfit work well in your favor, trust me. Fashion trends are all factors that make you feel good about yourself but if you feel unperturbed by them, you can wear your own style with panache and make that a fashion trend for others to follow. Be the initiator rather than the follower!


Buying clothes can be an overwhelming task for people who are unsure about their personality traits, but it is a piece of cake for the ones that understand themselves and put themselves first.