Points to consider before engraving your watch

janfillem iwpbZ 173WM unsplash
janfillem iwpbZ 173WM unsplash

Customizing watches is a current watch fashion that is prevalent today. With the advancement of technology, watches slowly are losing their essence, and most people will buy a watch to maintain a look or complement their fashion. Also, watches have been known to bere affordable gifts for our loved ones and friends. Watches with engravings are also a popular trend nowadays ass a cool way to personalize your luxury watch. However, there are a few things you need to consider before you decide on engraving your watch.

Listed below are some of the points to consider before engraving your watch

1. Ensure your watch can be engraved.

Engraving on some watch case backs isn’t possible.  For instance,   some have numerous brand stamps, including vital serial or registration numbers.  Hence have limited space to include your engravings. Also, some, such as the skeleton watches, may be challenging to engrave as it would disrupt the various aesthetics, and also the inscription may be seen through. Sapphire or glass watches can only be engraved with a laser, thus limiting for people wishing for handwritten engravings. Therefore the only option for such options is engraving at the side of the case. Some watches may have thin cases, though.

2. Choose the engraving method

There are two types of engraving methods prevalent. These include machine engraving and hand engraving. In hand engraving, the lettering will be exceptionally styled and vintage. Additionally,  Hand engraving chips away at the case back’s metal, making it difficult, if not impossible, to completely remove—a pro or a con, depending on your point of view. Machine engraving engraves your characters mechanically using lasers or a diamond tip. Machine engraving assures near-perfect letter-spacing consistency, and it also provides you with extra font and character count options. And the machine engraving’s comparably thin lines can normally be polished away and may even wear away in as little as a few minutes.

3. Engrave something meaningful

Engraving your watch is more or less like a commitment, and therefore ensure you wisely choose the words. Classic engraving options include monograms, initials, and important dates, and it is advisable to keep a timeless inscription with sentimental value. Coats of arms, family crests, poems, phrases, or religious texts are all traditional choices.

4. Get that engraving affects the resale value

Engraving a watch will bring down your resale value, as most buyers will not want an engraved watch. Therefore if you think of reselling your watch, then engraving it will decrease your resale value. However, some buyers may argue that the sentimentality and history instilled in the object appeal to them. Still, the majority of collectors will agree that an unengraved watch is better than an engraved one. Removing an engraving can be expensive, and you risk injuring your watch; polishing away an inscription leaves the case back metal slightly thinner. Finding a new case back to engrave instead of the original and preserving the beautiful original is a sensible alternative—a way to have your cake and eat it, too. Alternatively, you can engrave a removable bracelet link that is more valuable than the costly case back.

 In conclusion, engraving your watches is a great decision to keep a historic event to your timepiece.