Requested and Classy Mens Hairstyles to Rock The Upcoming Season


As time flows, so do the modern trends. Fresh ideas and looks come and go leaving the lingering aftertaste in our lives. However, some trends come to our liking to the extent that we do not want to let them go no matter what. Care to learn which streams are utterly unchanged in men’s hair fashion?

LoveHairstyles has all the most recent mens hairstyles enlisted, but we decided to go a little bit further this time. Today, we’ll discuss the haircuts that are more than timeless. Some looks are bound to become universal, and you should know them all. 

Skin Fade with Part

Over the past years, a skin fade has become a popular style that many lads have given in. There is no wonder why, since the way the skin fade looks is sleek and fashionable. Not to mention that it is fashionable and easy to look after. You can easily pair the skin fade with any top too. If you are interested in a more classy vibe, then a skin fade with a part is the option to brood upon.

Skin Fade with Pompadour

Another sin fade combo is with the extended top. There is no question about pompadour versatility and popularity. While all the fun is left to the top, the sides and the back are left impeccably classy. It needs to be added that both wavy and straight hair textures are fit for the style.

Textured Quiff

According to LoveHairstyles, edgy and rebellious boys choose textured quiff. In case you want to give a look a try, you should realize that it is anything but new. However, that does not affect the effect that the cut has. You should realize that a textured quiff is great-looking, but that result requires some time spent in the morning on the haircut styling. It won’t take more than 5 minutes, but we think that it’s worth mentioning.

Natural Texture

If you belong to the category of fellow who does not like to mess with their hair too much, then a natural texture is needed. While the look is super easy to maintain, it is not that simple to succeed with. Thus, only a skilled and reliable professional will be able to grant you a haircut. Choose wisely! 

Bob Cut

Bobs are not reserved for ladies solely. Men can rock the style no worse than any woman. All it takes is to grow the mane out and then be ready to wash your locks regularly. Should you be interested in a famous lad who sported the look, think Brad Pit and Kurt Cobain.

Styled Curls

We know that most cuts are designed for straight-0haired dudes, and those lovely lads with curly hair feel somehow left out. Worry not, there is a fair share of looks for you too. For instance, a wavy top can go perfectly well with a fashionable undercut or a skin fade. However, the trick here lies in proper curl styling, which may take you some time to manage. Trust us, there is rarely anything more alluring than well-defined and styled man curls! 

Side Part

Lastly, elegant males have always picked the well-polished and classy looks. Should you decide to join the group, the side part is the cut to ask your barber for. You should not think that a side part is reserved for one hair type or haircut. There is a great variety of those to play around with! 

High Skin Fade with a Side Part

A professional barber will be able to pair a variety of classy looks in one that will look utterly modern and one of a kind. The extended, wavy top lightly styled and paired with a side part and definitive skin fade is the best proof to the point.

Textured Crop with a Disconnected Beard

Well-defined skin fade combined with a properly textured crop, will create the impression of a groomed man. While the disconnected beard will introduce that necessary brutality to the look. As simple as that! 

Sleek Natural Texture With a Stubble 

A stubble does not make you look untidy. When mixed with an excellent natural texture cut, it creates an opposite impression. An elegant and neat lad is a babe magnet. We can tell you that!